VIDEO: Divo & GMJ featuring Dan-e-o, Tahnee & Ryan Field’s “Gotta Vibe”

Looking for hip-hop that still feels and sounds like hip-hop> You’ll want to check out “Gotta Vibe”, the new one by Divo & GMJ, a song that also bring in Dan-e-o, Tahnee and Ryan Field and together, this vibe will make you fly to the sky and make you feel inside, trust. The video was directed by Divo while the song is taken from Divo & GMJ’s Transatlantic Soul album, available below via

VIDEO: A Cast Of Hip-Hop All-Stars’ “Christmas In Hollis”

A new version of “Christmas In Hollis” may be considered sacrilege by some, but when you realize it features Eternia, Pete Rock, Deltron 3030, Kardinal Offishal, and Camp Lo among many, then you realize “well damn, if Eternia is in this, I better turn this one up”. Damn right you should.

VIDEO: Dan-e-o featuring Big Kish & Maestro Fresh Wes’ “Worldwide Vapors”

 photo Dan-e-o_cover_zps0fce1cea.jpg
Top notch hip-hop right from Dan-e-o, whose new EP Immortal was released last month. This is one of those songs, and it features Maestro Fresh Wes and Big Kish dropping the type of lyrics you haven’t heard like this in years, like a frosty mug of Mug old fashioned root beer.