AUDIO: AlunaGeorge featuring Popcaan’s “I’m In Control (The Magician Remix)”

AlunaGeorge photo AlunaGeorge_cover_zpsineil3oa.jpg
If you need something to pump you up on the dance floro or anywhere that you feel you need a bit of movement, please check out “I’m In Control” but by all means, lose control by getting down with yourself or a significant other (or a perfect stranger, just follow your manners). The song is by AlunaGeorge and this track features Popcaan. On top of that, it’s a remix by The Magician.

VIDEO: Powers’ “Hot”

How hot is hot? For Powers, things are very hot, enough to give their song that exact name. “Hot” is a new one directed by Stephen Mallett, and their previous songs have already gained a number of streams on different platforms and if you’re in New York City, you’ll be able to check out some concerts by the duo as part of the CMJ Music Marathon. Please attend.

October 14… Brooklyn, NY (Good Room [HillyDilly])
October 14… New York, NY (Brooklyn Bowl [Communion])
October 15… New York, NY (Rockwood [UTA])
October 15… New York, NY (Webster [Neon Gold])
October 16… Brooklyn, NY (Knitting Factory [Most Definitely])

FREE MP3 DL: Chris Savor’s “TTMO (Can’t Lose You)”

London dance artist Chris Savor is refreshed after living in New York City for the last six years. He has a chance to get you involved with what he does and his new song sounds electric. Have a listen to it called “TTMO (Can’t Lose You)”, whicj you can download for free while supplies last. Made this your autumn jam.

AUDIO: Aeroplane’s “Page One Is Love” (EP)

Aeroplane has a new EP ready for you to check out called Page One Is Love (Eskimo Recording)(, which works as a single but it also features a remix of each song. The tracks consist of “Dancing With Each Other” and the nice title track and again, each one is remixed to its fullest potential as a way to hear it in an alternative universe, even if it means just the dance floor.

(Page One Is Love can be ordered from Amazon.)

AUDIO: Yeah Boy’s “Wildfire” (EP)

You may remember a duo named Parachute Youth, who made dance music in an indie fashion. They split up with Johnny Castro has moved forward to create his own music, a solo project called Yeah Boy and he is releasing an EP called Wildfire. If you want to see how he is on the solo route, have a listen to it in full. The first song may surprise you just a bit but allow it to soak in before he gets to the second song. It’s quite comforting like warm milk.

VIDEO: Alison Wonderland featuring Safia’s “Take It To Reality”

Alison Wonderland photo AlisonWonderland_old_zpsxgzxjvam.jpg
It’s safe to say that Alison Wonderland is not her real name but do you really need it? Are you trying to take her ID or something? Of course not, all you want is to listen and be entertained in the hopes you will smile, so make the first effort to find out if she can deliver that magic. She has a song called “Take It To Reality”, taken from her album Run which the press releases says is “lauded”, which means it has its share of praise. If it’s praised, it may be worth wanting to know if it is worth bowing down to.

VIDEO: Liz’s “When I Rule The World”

Some comments about the new Liz song is downright scary. “This thing is a huge piece of shit”. “This bubblegum crap is just that: crap.” I’ll be honest, I didn’t have a liking to it either, not like I enjoyed her other songs but there’s something in here that let me know she is sure of what she is doing, and that’s the harmony vocal during the chorus. Some may hear the vocal loop going over and over but she sings something else and it at least let’s me know that she has something up her sleeve. Or at least that’s the hope. We’ll see if it’s true when she comes out with something new.