SOME STUFFS: Kel puts together “The Sermon Mixtape”

Kil has put together a new mix tape in honor of the green eyed bandit known as Erick Sermon, and he’s calling this The Sermon Mixtape. Plain and simple, right? Maybe, but Sermon’s music is anything but simple and now you can hear his ways in this new musical puzzle, featuring a wide range of artists he has collaborated with over the years.

VIDEO: D’Angelo And The Vanguard at the Outside Lands Festival 2015

For years, it seemed one of the biggest questions in music: when is D’Angelo coming back? When is he releasing a new album? Will he ever return again? Last year he did with Black Messiah and not only did the internet go nuts, but music fans who have been hungry for a follow-up to Voodoo. In 2015, he’s doing music festivals and is already preparing for brand new music. He appeared at the Outside Lands Festival last week and on this string of dates, he has brought in vocalist Joi Gilliam to help him out. This is the complete performance so if you haven’t seen D’Angelo in the last few months, this is what you’re missing out on.

FREE MP3 DL: D’Angelo’s “Brown Sugar (Nolan The Ninja Remix)”

 photo DAngelo_old_zpsaea78495.jpg
Next year, many soul fans will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of D’Angelo’s debut album, Brown Sugar. Currently, we await the release of his third album, something a lot of people have been waiting for since 2000’s Voodoo. Until then, Nolan The Ninja has created a new mix of Michael Archer’s first hit, showing why many of us are eager to hear new material from him.
D’Angelo – Brown Sugar (Nolan The Ninja Remix) by Nolan The Ninja

FREE DL: DJ Rahdu’s “Follow Me: D’angelo Flips, Remixes and Tributes”

 photo DJRahduFM_cover_zps907f5615.jpg
Organized by DJ Rahdu, he put together this mix of D’Angelo remixes, covers, tributes, and flips called Follow Me and despite the delays the man has dealt with towards releasing a hopefully inevitable third album, people will indeed follow him. Reviews for this mix have been nice so far. Full track listing can be seen at the Bandcamp page for the mix.

SOME STUFFS: The Child Of Lov to release new single featuring a D’Angelo cover on the B-side

New indie rock band The Child Of Lov combine a bit of garage distortion with a bit of groove, sounding a bit like some serious lo-fi midwest funk, as if they met up with George Clinton, the MC5 and Iggy Pop and said “let’s rock this out in a gym”. The end result is their debut single called “Heal”, the picture sleeve of which looks like this.

A video for the song has been created, and looks like this.

I have to make a confession. The Child Of Lov are not a band, which means they’re not a “they” nor are they “are”. The Child Of Lov is a child, or in truth a grown-man doing the one-man band thing and his name is… well, for now it’s a secret. We do know The Child Of Lov is a single individual, and as for how he looks? That’s unknown either, for this is what the record label offered as a promotional pic.

It reminds of a certain album cover by Leo Sayer so… is this guy Leo Sayer? Is he a Strutter? HUH?

Eh maybe not, but if you like The Child Of Lov’s music, put value in him. Also of interest is the B-side, a cover of D’Angelo’s “One Mo’ Gin”. Yes, we have now lived long enough to where artists are doing D’Angelo covers, and that’s a good thing. You may order the single directly from Double Six Records by clicking here.