RECORD CRACK: Willie Nelson’s “Teatro” gets a vinyl reissue for Record Store Day

Willie Nelson photo WillieNelson_covers_zpstbqjitkl.jpg
Willie Nelson has released tons of records in his career, and that’s not a lie. Deep fans can name a year and tell you what he released and when. For the sake of this article, let’s go to 1998 and some fans will say “that’s the year he released Teatro, the album he did with producer Daniel Lanois in Oxnard, California”. Those fans would be correct and those fans also know the album was only released on compact disc via Island. Next month, through Light In The Attic, Teatro is getting its first ever vinyl pressing, this one as a 2-record set pressed on “gold” vinyl with a deluxe cover and booklet. One of the bad things about album releases in the 1990’s is labels did deluxe things for the CD pressing while vinyl was primarily ignored. Now, it’s a chance to fix the error. Head to your favorite record shindigs on April 18th and pick up a copy while you can and by all means, play the record too. I know there’s a generation of record buyers who merely buy it to hoard and collect but open the cellophane and pop the record on.

AUDIO: Icebreaker with BJ Cole’s “An Ending (Ascent) II”

Brian Eno fans may enjoy this one: a new version of his 1982 album Apollo. For fans of ambient music, they will find this to be a nice revisiting, 29 years after the original was used for For All Mankind, a documentary on the Apollo space missions. Even though Eno himself called it “an attempt to write ‘zero gravity country and western”, it influenced a wide range of musicians to follow its path to where it would eventually become its own genre.

This new version is done by Icebreaker with BJ Cole, and will be released by Cantaloupe on June 26th. You can listen to what they did with “An Ending (Ascent) II” by clicking the Soundcloud player below.

VIDEO: Neil Young’s “Hitchhiker”

Neil Young is like a roulette wheel, because once you spin him, where he stops… you know the outcome. His forthcoming album, Le Noise, is no exception. The title was influenced by the way people mispronounce the album’s producer, Daniel Lanois, but forget that and just listen to “Hitchhiker”. There is no such thing as “vintage Young”, because everything he does becomes a part of his sound, so it’s simply Young. Again, just listen.

Le Noise will be released on both vinyl and CD next week Tuesday.
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