AUDIO: Danny Jams’ “2 DOAP”

Dropped today is a new EP release by Danny Jams called 2 DOPE, a slight representation of the hip-hop coming from the land of Herc’s Hideaway, Tucson, Arizona. It’s only an EP, which hopefully will mean he will find his way on other projects and probably a full length before the end of the year.

FREE MP3 DL: Danny Jams featuring Mick Jenkins’ “Recess”

If you name your project 2 DOAP, it’s best that you and your music are too dope for hate (although in truth, DOAP stands for “Diary Of A Psychic”). Danny Jams, from the land of Herc’s Hideaway (a/k/a Tucson, Arizona), is going to prove himself with Chicago rapper Mick Jenkins and the album will be out on New Year’s Day, so make sure you set a reminder. Have fun with “Recess”.