FREE DL: Breathing Problem’s “The Keyhole”
A rough side of music can be heard in The Keyhole, a new album by Breathing Problem. Those who are in tune with power electronica, dark ambient, or industrial will find this quite good. 14 new songs on here, a cassette pressing of this is in the works but for now you can download the full album for free or utilize the “name your price” option.

SOME STUFFS: Electronic experimental twists and more on a new 3 inch CD compilation

 photo 4Things_cover_zps5db888b3.jpg
A new release on Bicephalic has been released, and this one is a compilation that can be purchased as a CD3. For those who don’t know, a CD3 is a 3 inch CD, the format that used to require an adapter to play in CD players until manufacturers made it possible to play the disc automatically.

 photo 4ThingsCD3_cover_zpse2f40a86.jpg
4 Things features four artists contributing some nice experimental and electronic sounds, from the likes of Loopool, Justin Scott Gray, Somnaphon, and Pregnant Spore. Only 18 copies have been made, and you can purchase it directly from Bicephalic by clicking here. To give it a test listen or to purchase it digitally, click the Bandcamp player below.

SOME STUFFS: Faustian Orbs present dark ambient sounds from Maryland

 photo FaustianOrbs_cover_zps4bc3010e.jpg
If your musical tastes lean towards dark ambient and noise, check out this project from Maryland called Faustian Orbs. Little is known about who Faustian Orbs are or is, but anyone who gets into the eeriness of doom and gloomy with a hint of industrial echoes, you may find them/him/her of interest. Only five songs but they equal to over 72 minutes of sound. Stream and DL for free but if you’re into it, feel free to make a donation.

SOME STUFFS: Unique ambient folk from Hrungnir

 photo Hrungnir_cover_zps7ab00bea.jpg
Mythological Dark Ambient.

I wasn’t sure what to make of it at first, not the music but the genre classification. I wondered what that might mean, so I decided to give Hrungnir a shot, and I’m glad I did. Hrungnir is a one-man project from San Diego whose expertise is what the genre states: mythological dark ambient. There are keyboards so it’s kind of new-tech/old-tech, it sounds like some of the more trippier moments of progressive rock songs, but Hrungnir enhances those finer moments and focuses on exploring them further. With songs featuring titles like “Son Of Nine Mothers”, “Bearer Of The Torc And Ram-Horned Serpent”, and “Scorn And Blood Run Down The River Ván”, it may seem more sophisticated than, oh, let’s say “The Green Manalishi (With The Two Pronged Crown)” but in truth it’s quite fascinating to sit and listen where this music takes you.

SOME STUFFS: Unwoman releases new 3-song EP today

 photo UnwomanIDTWS_cover_zpse975c753.jpg

These are said to be three distinct portraits, meant to be a part of a puzzle created by Unwoman, and you may hear this puzzle in the form of her new EP called IDTWS, released today. As the cover shows, it leads to a path currently unknown and perhaps uncertain, but you know your curiosity. You’re going to take the first step very soon. You know you will. Do so. It’s on the experimental/avant-garde side with a few other qualities, but once you’ll get into it, you’ll want to play it again.

You know you will. Do so.

SOME STUFFS: Grey Frequency’s album “Cold Geometry” gets a cassette release

 photo GreyFrequency_cover_zps51972d95.jpg
The latest release by UK artist Grey Frequency can be bought not only digitally, but in analog form via audio cassette. Cold Geometry is a 6-track ambient album that balances on what is real, what is electronic, and what is. Those who order the cassette will have them packaged as a white C52 tape, each one hand numbered, with a photocopied inlay placed in a clear polybox. The tape itself is normal bias, which of course means it’s not Cr02 (chrome) but it helps give the pieces a nice lo-fi, hiss flavored/distant sound.
 photo GreyFrequency_tapes_zps3f4c4a17.jpg

To order the tape and/or stream Cold Geometry in full, click the Bandcamp player below (or click here if the player isn’t available.)

SOME STUFFS: “Demo I” from Fause Knicht is here

 photo FauseKnicht_cover_zps9723c3b8.jpg
The only thing I know about Fause Knicht is that he/they/it are from North America. Actual location is currently unknown, but what is known is that Fause Knicht creates some deliciously dark ambient music, at times bordering on the quieter side of progressive rock but without much of the rock. Demo I is self-explanatory, seven tracks of music that is available digitally through Bandcamp, or on cassette.