FREE DL: DJ Rahdu’s “Follow Me: D’angelo Flips, Remixes and Tributes”

 photo DJRahduFM_cover_zps907f5615.jpg
Organized by DJ Rahdu, he put together this mix of D’Angelo remixes, covers, tributes, and flips called Follow Me and despite the delays the man has dealt with towards releasing a hopefully inevitable third album, people will indeed follow him. Reviews for this mix have been nice so far. Full track listing can be seen at the Bandcamp page for the mix.

VIDEO: Black Milk with AB & Daru’s “365”

The Sounds of VTech / Black Milk “365” Live @ Frequency   

Black Milk had a release party in San Francisco last month for his album, Album of The Year, and he decided to do it with the help of VTech and a monthly event called Frequency. Since most of you were not there to witness it, you can catch a highlight of a show with this.