AUDIO: Heems’ “Sometimes”

Eat Pray Thug (Greedhead/Megaforce) is the forthcoming album from Das Racist founder Heems that will be out on March 10th, but you will not have to wait two months to hear something from it. Listen to “Sometimes” right here.

VIDEO: Das Racist’s “Girl”

Das Racist have the goods as they always do, and here’s their new video for “Girl”. If the “girl” in question may be familiar to some of you, she is actress (and former model on NBC’s Deal Or No Deal) Hayley Marie Norman, who is found roaming a library looking for a book, while a man in tight denim is looking for her while doing tight dance moves.

VIDEO: Kool A.D.’s “Al Green”

Kool A.D. – Al Green from Hueism Pictures on Vimeo.

Video of the year? Maybe not, but I will say it’s one of the sexier videos of the year, proving that all one has to do is get one camera, keep it in one area throughout and make something out of the limitations. You can still make your limitations without limits, and that’s what Kool A.D. does here with dancer Samantha Miller, much more appealing than the images of chickens, a hotel room, lipstick, laughter, alcohol, money, and slices of bread that were seen in his “La Piñata” video.

VIDEO: Meyhem Lauren featuring Heems & Action Bronson’s “Special Effects”

The video is short, but it’s a banger. Meyhem Lauren brought in Heems and Action Bronson for the extra cool “Special Effects”, and as for the video, Meyhem didn’t have to look too far for Heems put everything together to make things look as cool as the music itself.

The song is from Meyhem’s forthcoming album Respect The Fly Shit, due out later this summer.

VIDEO: Kool A.D.’s “La Piñata”

Kool A.D. – La Piñata from JUSTIN HANTZ on Vimeo.

WARNING: This video contains images of chickens, a hotel room, lipstick, laughter, alcohol, money, and slices of bread.

This video is by Kool A.D. of Das Racist, and “La Piñata” is definitely what you think it might be, and everything that it isn’t but should be but… I don’t get it either, but what you will get is the song, matched with the spirit of the humor. The song is from his 51 album, which you can download for free via Bandcamp.

VIDEO: Tigerstyle featuring Rani Randeep’s “Kudi”

Do you like your bhangra hot, extra spicy, or facemelting? Find out from Scottish artist Tigerstyle, the latest signee to Greedhead, the label founded by Das Racist‘s Himanshu Suri.

FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD: Heems’ “Nehru Jackets”

You may know Heems as Himanshu Suri of the group Das Racist, and he just released a new album today called Nehru Jackets? Haven’t heard it yet? Fear not, for this one is being made available for free. You can download it by clicking here (157.81mb).

VIDEO: Das Racist’s “Brand New Dance”

Just like the trend of the 1960’s, there seems to be way too many songs each week encouraging people to do a brand new dance. The watusi, the twist, the El Dorado, the Dougie, the Fap My Balls On The Corner Of A Wall Y’all. Now Das Racist are about to show people their brand new dance in a song called, um, “Brand New Dance”.

VIDEO: Das Racist’s “Michael Jackson”

Don’t give up busters, for one day your dream will come true. So says (or not) the guys in Das Racist, who know that reaching immortality means a mention of “Michael Jackson” will increase your chances of being discovered doing a Google search.

Even though Das Racist have come out with a lot of music in the last few years, they have not released a proper album until today. So Relax. No, Relax is the name of the album so… Relax.

SOME STUFFS: Das Racist tell Frankie “screw you, we’re going to do it” for new album

This is the cover for the forthcoming Das Racist album, simply called Relax (Greedhead Music), which is something the group has not done in the last two years. They’re running towards your musical heart (awwwww) but… in truth, this is just a continuation of their mission to kick people on the head with their brand of addicting music. Take them on as a favorite.

Here’s the official track listing with production credits. The album is scheduled for release on the 13th of September.
1. Relax (Produced by Das Racist and Patrick Wimberly)
2. Michael Jackson (Produced by Das Racist and Patrick Wimberly)
3. Brand New Dance (Produced by Patrick Wimberly)
4. Middle of The Cake (Produced by Anand Wilder)
5. Girl (Produced by Blood Diamonds)
6. Shut Up, Man feat. El-P (Produced by El-P)
7. Happy Rappy (Produced by Diplo)
8. Booty In The Air (Produced by Patrick Wimberly)
9. Power feat. Danny Brown and Despot (Produced by Dash Speaks)
10. Punjabi Song feat. Bikram Singh (Produced by J-La)
11. Selena (Produced by Patrick Wimberly)
12. Rainbow In The Dark (Produced by J-La)
13. The Trick (Produced by ROSTAM)
14. Celebration (Produced by Francis Farewell Starlite)