RECORD CRACK: New 3LP live album from David Bowie is on its way

David Bowie photo Bowie_vinyl_zpsfrkeq90z.jpg
The death of David Bowie is leading labels to capitalize on him and his music and Friday Music is doing a good shop by releasing this album for the first time on DVD. A Reality Tour originally came out on CD and DVD only and focuses on a show he did in 2005 from what would become his last tour. This pressing is being made by RTI on 180 gram audiophile vinyl, pressed on translucent vinyl and is being released as a 3-record set. If you have records pressed on RTI, you know they do great work so this one will be a quality project. The records are packaged in a box with two posters so if you wish to hang them out, do whatever you want with it. The album will be released around June 1st, which you may pre-order directly from Friday Music.

BOOK REVIEW: “Bowie Treasures” by Mike Evans

 photo Bowie_cover_zps315718af.jpg Even if you’re a diehard fan of Davie Bowie, you’re going to enjoy a new book by Mike Evans called Bowie Treasures (Carlton/Sterling). On the outset, the book is sold in a hardcover slipcase, which looks quite good but then you have the contents. More on this later.

Evans has written an in-depth biography about not only David Bowie the singer, artist, and songwriter, but also goes back to his youth as David Jones, exploring his roots and also examining what lead him to become the person we know as The Thin White Duke, among many nicknames. While there are a number of familiar photos and stories throughout Bowie Treasures, what you’ll want to see are those rarely seen and told, which makes reading this a joy. It’s hard to believe that he has been recording and releasing music for six decades, and the book touches on why he remains relevant. It does touch on parts of his personal life, so if you’re looking for any serious dirt, you’re not going to get it here but it does hint at some of the stories of relationships that have been with him throughout the years.

The treasures in the book are not only the photos and stories, but there are also pockets and small booklets featuring everything from old concert photos, one of his first contracts as an artist, newspaper reviews, and tour booklet replications, which helps to add to the mystique of his music and artistry. Evans has done his share of research and definitely shows he is a huge fan too, which is perfect for any Bowie fan who bow down to the great man.


SOME STUFFS: Carlos Alomar and Robin Clark guest on new album by David Bronson

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David Bronson is ready to release a new album early in the new year called Questions (Big Arc), which is in my possession and I’ll have a review for it very soon. For this album, he associated himself with people who were associated with David Bowie in the 1970’s and 80’s, including guitarist Carlos Alomar and vocalist Robin Clark, who was one of the background singers in “Young Americans” (the other was Luther Vandross) and the lady who helped bring Simple Minds to their 80’s peak in songs like “Alive And Kicking”, “Sanctify Yourself”, and “All The Things She Said”. This time around, she and Alomar (who are husband and wife) wee with Bronson for Questions but fans will be able to get some answers when it’s heard in January.

COVERED: David Bowie vs. Jimmy Fallon

Last night was Jimmy Fallon‘s return to the show that gave him his start, NBC’s Saturday Night Live, but this time as host. People on the East Coast were reviewing it in real time giving Fallon and the show incredible praise, at a time when some fans and critics are saying everything from “SNL seems to have seen better days” to “is the show still on?” Everyone brought their A-game, not only current cast members, but the special guests he brought on, including Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Chris Kattan, and Horatio Sanz.

If you watch Late Night With Jummy Fallon, you’ll know that Fallon is a huge music buff. In between segments on SNL, the show will feature a graphic featuring that week’s guest, and in the last few years that graphic/placard now moves. On last night’s show, Fallon honored David Bowie with homage to his album, Aladdin Sane. What I did find interesting about it too was that, as Bowie’s version shows a tear drop on his shoulder blade, when Fallon’s image started to move, he opened his eyes and smiled. Fallon may still be “a lad insane”, but it was a nice way of honoring what might be one of his favorite albums of the past, but to update the photo and bring it to a happier state.

The cover has been honored and parodied many times, not only in pop culture, such as a part of a Homer Simpson thought sequence:

Just do a Google search for “Aladdin Sane Parody” and you’ll see them, but you’ll have to keep your eyes open for it.