SOME STUFFS: Three different formats, three different labels for David Vandervelde’s new third album

Three times a lady.

Maybe three is the charm for David Vandervelde, who will be releasing his third album on September 9th called Shadow Sides and to make it interesting, the album will not only be released on digital, vinyl, and cassette, but it will be out on three different labels: Secretly Canadian (for the digital encoding), Park The Van (for vinyl) and good ol’ Burger Records (for the tape). You may hear the music and go “this is some exquisite pop” while another song may make you compare him to Remy Shand meets Beck at the Omarion hut. Not bad for someone who recorded this album entirely in his Chicago apartment in analog with a Tascam 246 4-track cassette recorder. Find out the closeness of his affection with the loving “One More Time”.