VIDEO: DB Tha Rasta’s “Hottest In The City”

DB Tha Rasta photo DBThaRasta_old_zps9uysvaar.jpg
Who is the hot MC in St. Paul, Minnesota right now? It may very well be DB Tha Rasta but he may not be just hot, he could be the hottest, especially if his forthcoming EP is any indication. Bring Broke Iz Not An Option is more than a title, it is a statement and you can see what he’s about in his new video for “Hottest In The City” and it could easily mean your city too.

VIDEO: DB Tha Rasta’s “Poppin”

DB Tha Rasta has been very busy in the last few weeks if his output is any indication, and now here’s something to input into your consciousness. This one is a freestyle called “Poppin'” and this one may be poppin’ in the best ways possible. Have a listen or as he said the last time, he’ll get you murked. Metaphorically speaking, of course.

FREE MP3 DL: DB Tha Rasta featuring King Louie’s “Get You Murked”

DB Tha Rasta photo DBThaRasta_old_zpslx8jyd2p.jpg
“Get You Murked” is something DB Tha Rasta doesn’t want to do, and he will not but he’s letting you know if you are not careful, you just may be. He did this with King Louie and producer Starvin Marvin. I can easily see DB doing a song with Shamrock or Lil’ Wyte, maybe someone will make that happen.

VIDEO: DB Tha Rasta’s “Hate On Me”

DB Tha Rasta photo DBThaRasta_old_zpslx8jyd2p.jpg
DB Tha Rasta wants to let you know he is not an impostor by any means, and he wants to do so by letting people know there are people who are not too fond of him, in and out of his home state of Minnesota, for whatever reason. This song is called “Hate On Me”, which isn’t an introduction to throw some crap his way but to let you know he doesn’t give a flock & floosh about it. The song was produced by Young Blasian Beats with the video made by director Dontell Antonio.