FREE MP3 DL: Pink Floyd x Dead Prez’s “They Schools (CHEATCODE Remix)”

Does dead prez mix well with Pink Floyd? CHEATCODE gives it a shot when he turns dead prez’s inside out with a new remix, using “Another Brick In The Wall (Part II)” and coming up with this. Find out if it works for you.

VIDEO: DJ Tony Touch featuring Black Thought, M1, Fame, A.G, & Sean Price’s “Power Cypher”

Shot last week during DJ Tony Touch’s Toca Tuesdays on Shade45, this is the kind of freestyle session that used to be the subject of countless mix tapes traded locally, regionally, on the Usenet, and online bulletin boards. In 2013, we now get to see the potential magic in HD.

VIDEO: dead prez’s “Hip-Hop (Live in Honolulu)”

Dead Prez – Hip Hop LIVE in Hawaii from KAI MEDIA on Vimeo.

The good people of dead prez made a stop in Honolulu on June 28th at The Republik, and this video of them performing “Hip-Hop” was shot by Kai Media. The show also featured openers Prie, The Lightsleepers Band, Angry Locals, and Jim Hurdle, so have a look and listen to this.

FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD: Weekend Money’s “Naked City”

Maybe the term “mixtape” is getting played out, and thus some artists like Weekend Money are calling it a “street album”, basically something you are not going to find in stores unless they’re a bootlegger. You may not know Weekend Money by name, but you may be familiar with them individually. Ne$$ is an associate of Dead Prez, and MC Baghdaddy is an Iraqi/American getting a bit of attention for his lyrics and rhymes.

By stating Naked City is a “street album”, does this mean more is in store? We will find out, but you have to find out if you like them first. You can download it by clicking here (69.12mb).