SOME STUFFS: Drug Honkey ready to release “Cloak Of Skies”

The album has been recorded, mixed and mastered and now Drug Honkey are prepared to unleash Cloak Of Skies. They’re ready to hype up the machine and they’re beginning with this teaser. The 6-track album, which will also feature a remix of one of the songs by Justin K. Broadrick, will be released on May 5th through the Transcending Obscurity label and will be available as an LP, CD, digital and a nice box set edition.

VIDEO: Entombed A.D.’s “Dead Dawn”

Dead Dawn is the latest album by Entombed A.D. and the band have created a video for the title track. The video looks rustic, which may be code for “old”, “classic”, a relic, crusty, but awesome and it’s all of that and more, looking like something pulled from the archives but it was just shot a few months ago. The album is out now via Century Media.

VIDEO: Dark Tranquillity’s “The Pitiless”

Atoma is the forthcoming album from Swedish death metal band Dark Tranquillity coming out this November through Century Media and everyone involved want to share a track from it. This one is called “The Pitiless” and if you are one who lives live without pity, this may become your autumn theme song.

The album can be pre-ordered below through

VIDEO: Allegaeon’s “All Hail Science”

Metal Blade Records has another rager in their hands and this one is by the band Allegaeon. “All Hail Science” is from the band’s Proponent for Sentience and this one will make you want to open up your flesh, including your abdomens, and make you spill it all over the stage or anywhere you feel the most comfortable. The album will be out on September 23rd, pre-order it below via

LYRIC VIDEO: Usurpress’ “Across The Dying Plains”

Usurpress photo Usurpress_old_zpsls5bsmqb.jpg
Out on September 23rd will be a new album from Sweden’s death metal monarchs Usurpress. Okay, maybe not monarchs but they are a great band and The Regal Tribe (Agonia) will be a continuation of what they have been doing to fans, and that is be supplies of brutal progressive death metal with a hint of crust and a touch of doom. For a taste of the ugliness, have a listen to “Across The Dying Plains”.