SOME STUFFS: Decrepit Birth sign new deal, new label for Europe

Decrepit Birth photo DecrepitBirth_old_zpscvnxlce3.jpg
While Nuclear Blast will continue to release the music of Decrepit Birth in the U.S., they’re having a switch-over in the European territories as the California band have moved over to Agonia Records. They’re doing this as they’re working on their next album due out before the end of the year.

SOME STUFFS: Death metal is on its way from Portugal through Colosso

Colosso photo Colosso_old_zpstkatntpn.jpg
Death metal from Portugal? Don’t doubt it and if you know already, you may wondering “who should I check out next?” Prepare for a band called Colosso, who are going to release an album of all new music called Obnoxious and the music may very well be just that. September 9th is when you'll be able to pick up the album but you'll be able to hear a small bit of it with the teaser below. The album can be pre-ordered by checking their official Bandcamp page, which also features music they’ve released in the past.

AUDIO: Centinex’s “Generation Of Flies”

Centinex photo Centinex_old_zpse8hkdxxd.jpg
Sweden will always have their death metal locked down nicely and one band who knows how to do it nice (but never easy) is Centinex, who will be dropping a new release on July 8th called Doomsday Rituals (Agonia). From it is a great for you to get you prepared, check out “Generation of Flies” which show how heaviness never dies. The album is available to pre-order, click the cover below which will take you to

VIDEO: Carnifex’s “Drown Me In Blood”

30 years ago, Californians Slayer wanted you to Reign In Blood but in 2016, a band want you to help drown them in it. I speak of Californians Carnifex, who will be releasing a new album on Nuclear Blast called Slow Death and with that immense delay, find a body as part of a frozen water burial with “Drown Me In Blood”. It is rich and smells like coins, do not be alarmed.

SOME STUFFS: Centinex share track from forthcoming album

Centinex photo Centinex_old_zpstbhkfzx6.jpg
Agonia Records will be releasing a new album from Swedish death metal ragers Centinex on July 8th called Doomsday Rituals. There was a time when hearing death metal like this brought visions of the impossibility of a time when the world would feel that horrible but then you grow up and realize it has been like this for centuries. The guys in Centinex want to guide you into that bitter hatred by letting you know how to make it through, if possible. A slice of that path can be heard below with the song “Exist To Feed”.

The band will hit stateside later this month when they are scheduled to perform at the Maryland Deathfest on May 27th so if you’re heading there, be sure to show up and witness their musical execution of your soul.

AUDIO: October Tide’s “Swarm”

October Tide photo OctoberTide_old_zpsocpwn9xj.jpg
Winged Waltz is the title Sweden’s October Tide have chosen for their forthcoming album on Agonia Records. The melodic doom/death metal band are ready to bust it out to everyone but they want to do it in a subtle manner. Here’s the song “Swarm” but judging from the title, it is sure to attack your senses in a not-so-nice way. You may stream the song below via Bandcamp while the album can be pre-ordered through the website as well or from by clicking the cover below.