RECORD CRACK: A look at the deluxe vinyl box set of Death’s “Spiritual Healing”

Death were one of the hottest death metal bands of the 80’s and 90’s, not only with powerful album covers but with the musical and lyrical skills to back it up. In 1990 they released Spiritual Healing on Combat Records but this year, Relapse Records, they’re honoring the album’s 24th anniversary with a unique vinyl edition. The new version is coming out as a double LP, with the original album being remastered while the second LP features rehearsal tracks and outtakes from the album, which are making their vinyl debut here. Only 500 copies of this edition will be made on red/blue “merge” vinyl, along with a pin exclusive to the package, a felt slipmat, a double sided album art poster, a four-panel LP insert, and a digital download of the triple CD versions. For those who don’t want the extras, the remastered single LP album is being released in blue vinyl and picture disc editions. You can pre-order each of them (or all if you’re able to) by heading here.

SOME STUFFS: 9th Annual Afropunk Fest returns in August

 photo AfroPunk2013_poster_zpsae9db50c.jpg
Look at this, I think the poster/flyer speaks for itself to where I almost don’t have to explain what’s going on. Just look at it and head out there if you can, right? However, I should let you know what’s going on.

First off, the obligatory introduction as to what Afropunk is:
AFROPUNK is an influential community of young, gifted people of all backgrounds who speak through music, art, film, comedy, fashion and more. Originating with the 2003 documentary that highlighted a Black presence in the American punk scene, it is a platform for the alternative and experimental. Remaining at the core of its mission are the punk principles of DIY aesthetics, radical thought and social non-conformity. AFROPUNK is a voice for the unwritten, unwelcome and unheard-of.

The 9th annual Afropunk Fest is bringing together a lot of talent in one place. Headlining will be Chuck D. & DJ Lord of Public Enemy, who will be performing Fear Of A Black Planet in full. Also scheduled to appear include ?uestlove (of The Roots), Saul Williams, The Coup, K-OS, Danny Brown, Jean Grae, Theophilus London, Mykki Blanco, LE1F, and so many more. In fact, more artists are being pulled in for the Afropunk Fest as you read this. Everyone will be gathering at Commodore Barry Park in Brooklyn on August 24-25th, so if you want to consider this one of your end-of-summer events, this would be a great way to celebrate the season. For updates and more information on the festival, head to

SOME STUFFS: Deathcult debut now available on cassette

Deathcult photo Deathcult_cover_zpsa832047b.jpg
Chicago’s Deathcult released their debut album on March 31st called The Test of Time (Caligari), and if you heard their album and enjoyed their brand of death metal, you’ll be happy to know that the album can now be purchased as a cassette. Only 100 tapes have been made, and they can be ordered directly from Caligari Records.
Deathcult photo Deathcult_tapes_zpsbc1b881a.jpg

REVIEW: Sea Bastard’s self-titled album

Photobucket Sea Bastard are a doom metal band from Brighton, England who come from, as their bio states, “the ashes of” bands like Jovian and Funeral Hag. Their brand of doom is on the sludge and death side of things, heavy like Black Sabbath, Melvins, and Sleep, but claustrophobic like Buzzov•en and Eyehategod. The vocals are brutal, the guitar riffs are a slash into the abdomen, and the low-end may make you nauseous. Not bad for a band who will be celebrating their second year as a band, and quite good for a group who had only released one demo before deciding to record an album proper. Like their demos, they explore dark themes and sounds in durations that are ten minutes or more, with the closing track (”
Masters of Unreality”) clocking in at a little over 16 1/2 minutes. For fans of doom and especially metal guitar, what I like is that it’s not just throbbing and slimy guitar riffs going on because that is a generic description of the genre, there’s a bit going on with each stage of each song. Sea Bastard are not for the timid.