VIDEO: Walking Dead On Broadway’s “Haunted”

Slaves is the name of the album by Walking Dead On Broadway, who are in the theme of the season by creating a video for the song “Haunted”. This may be perfect for the ghosts in your life or maybe you need a theme of eeriness. Check it out when the album is released on November 11th.

VIDEO: Despised Icon’s “Beast”

Is this the number of the? Let me ask again: IS THIS THE NUMBER OF THE? This is a new song by Montreal’s Despised Icon taken from their forthcoming album called Beast and this is the demonic title track and once it enters your ears, it will proceed to go down and eat your abdomens. The album will be out on July 22nd, available to pre-order by clicking the cover below, which will take you to

VIDEO: Thy Art Is Murder’s “Holy War”

Holy War (Nuclear Blast) is the new album from Thy Art Is Murder and the band have made a video for the title track. The album was released yesterday throughout Europe and today in North America so if you have been waiting for their third album to drop, here it is.


VIDEO: Martyr Defiled’s “No Morality”

With an album called No Hope No Morality (Century Media), Martyr Defiled are offering you just half of the story with their video for “No Morality”. They may be deathcore but there’s so much going on that you might end up blinding or deafening yourself with this much intensity happening after pressing play.


VIDEO: Thy Art Is Murder’s “Lightbearer”

Deathcore is active as it always is and Thy Art Is Murder may become your next lifetime nightmare, if you allow it to. The band will be releasing a new album on Nuclear Blast called Holy War and the vengeance is sincere in their song “Lightbearer”, which they’ve turned into a visual representation. The album drops on June 30th. MP3 and CD versions can be pre-ordered below via Amazon.

VIDEO: Whitechapel’s “Let Me Burn”

Directed by Mitch Massie, he worked with Whitehchapel to create a video for a song off their Our Endless War album and they chose “Let Me Burn” as a mean to become and remain crisp.


VIDEO: Dictated’s “This Is To All”

The Deceived (Metal Blade) is the latest effort from Dictated and these deathcore dudes are not to be messed with. Make sure to have some honey after you sing along with them.


VIDEO: Ingested’s “The Divine Right Of Kings”

The Architect Of Extinction (Century Media> is the latest album from Ingested, to be released on January 20th, and they’ve made a video for the song “THe Divine Right Of Kings”, which is animated but looks more like a lyric video. Who should I be to gripe about it, it’s great and it looks good so have a look.


VIDEO: Aversions Crown’s “Vectors”

Aversions Crown are a month away from releasing their brand new album, Tyrant (Nuclear Blast) and to show how ready they are to share it with fans, the video for “Vectors” is here for all to see, hear, and enjoy. Find out more about the band by checking out their official Facebook page, which includes a forthcoming tour beginning next month.


VIDEO: Black Tongue’s “Eclipse”

Let this metal explode in your face and abdomen, for Black Tongue do what it takes to make it bleed and belch. “Eclipse” is the song that wraps up their current album, Born Hanged (Century Media).