VIDEO: Columns’ “Punching Nancy Grace”

Ever felt like “Punching Nancy Grace” through your television? If you’ve ever felt like trying it but knew it would be impossible, you can at least do it in musical form, courtesy of Columns. The song is from their Relapse album (and their debut) Please Explode, which you may also feel like doing but you also know that’s close to impossible. Don’t make an attempt to try.


VIDEO: Columns’ “Bear Molester”

When you name your album Please Explode (Relapse), I’m not sure if you should have a song titled “Bear Molester”, but that’s just me, and that’s exactly what Columns did. The group combines performance videos with found footage of unknown drug imagery, and perhaps that’s what is molesting the mind. You’ll have to find out for yourself. Please Explode was released almost two months ago.


VIDEO: Aborted’s “The Extirpation Agenda”

Metal mayhem in a way you may not have heard before, Aborted play what you’d call deathgrind, a wonderful mixture of death metal and grindcore. You can hear more of it on Aborted’s latest album, The Necrotic Manifesto (Century Media), but what you can deal with now is “The Extirpation Agenda”, so have a listen and eat some flesh of unknown origin.


VIDEO: Murder Construct’s “The Next Life”

Brutal metal returns here at the website, and who gives it to you better than one of the best out there, Los Angeles’ Murder Construct, whose latest album on Relapse Records is called Results and you can glance over one of the results in teh form of “The Next Life”, which may take you there if you allow it. That is, the next life, but you don’t want to go there just yet. Life is for the living, bang hard. That sounds like a T-shirt slogan, doesn’t it?

VIDEO: Rotten Sound’s “Peace

A wicked punch in the face comes in the form of Rotten Sound, whose sound is rotten but incredibly sound (see how I did that?) and now you’re able to see how rotten they are with their new video for “Peace”.

Wait, a grindcore band doing a song about peace? In the words of the hip-hop group Main Source, peace isn’t the word to play, and these guys aren’t playing around with this video, animated Claymation style by Janne Kauranen, looking like something you would catch on USA Network’s Night Flight about 25 years ago (or something weird from a hidden YouTube channel).