JSWISS returns with a song that honors the heat of summer, despite the fact summer will only be around for a few days short of a month. The song is produced by Deejay Element of Brown Bag All-Stars and hearing this will make you wish summer would last throughout the year. Maybe you can move to a city that can offer the privilege but for now, enjoy the good temperatures and vibes while it lasts with “The Heat”, if only for a moment.  You’ll have to head to Audiomack to listen to it, as I’m unable to embed it in the new version of my site.  Sorry, friends.

VIDEO: J57 featuring Nitty Scott, MC’s ”Like A Prayer” HERE

Any good J57 is good J57, and with Nitty Scott, MC taking a place in the song, it cannot be anything but good. For some, it may be like a dream to them but this song is simply called “Like A Prayer” and with the help of Deejay Element, they’re about to take you there where you need to be. Civil put together the video for everyone and now you can witness the goodness in the comfort of your whatevers. The song is from The Ports EP EP.

VIDEO: Koncept’s “Malt Disney”

With Deejay Element behind the boards, Koncept has been able to release a new song that I would call a true gem, because it’s that damn good. It’s called “Malt Disney”, called this because this song is not shizney. Grab your favorite glass or bottle of spirits, it’s time to party.

REVIEW: Deejay Element’s “Reality Kings And Reason” (EP)

Deejay Element photo DJLMNT_cover_zps9a200826.jpg Not willing to rest for anyone, including himself, Deejay Element is back with a new release, this one an EP called Reality Kings And Reason.

With five tracks to choose from, one is able to hear the man’s means of production, heightened by the likes of J57, Koncept, Sene, ScienZe, Soul Khan and others getting down by dropping lyrics and flows over the greatness. The loops, drums, horn samples… just everything about it is good and I think the man could do no wrong. It’s nice nonetheless, and as a debut EP, it’s impressive. More EP’s, more singles, bring on that album.

(Reality Kings And Reason can be downloaded for free. I’m unable to embed the download button, but head to to check it out for yourself.)

FREE MP3 DL: DeeJay Element featuring Sene, ScienZe & Audible Doctor’s “Complex Individuals”

Deejay Element photo DeejayElement_cover_zpsfb0f0a02.jpg
If you have to bite the bullet, you best do it in the right manner. This is what Deejay Elemenet has done in “Complex Individuals”, his self-produced track featuring Audible Doctor, ScienZe, and Sene doing serious damage amongst one another, but not a full on smother.