LYRIC VIDEO: Delta Deep’s “Take Me Home For Christmas”

Into hard rock but are still open to the spirit of Christmas? You may want to check out this song by Delta Deep, and who are Delta Deep, I imagine you thinking? The band consists of guitarist Phil Collen, who you’ll know as a member of Def Leppard. You’ll also know bassist Robert DeLeo from his time with Stone Temple Pilots. You may have heard vocalist Debbi Blackwell-Cook if you’ve heard music by Michael Buble and Gregory Hines. Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone you actually know a few Buble songs. If you are a fan of TLC, India.Arie, or legendary jazz group The Crusaders, you may already be a fan of drummer Forrest Robinson. Together, they share with you a song for the season called “Take Me Home For Christmas” and if you are far from home, maybe this song will become a part of you dream to be there.