AUDIO: Tensei’s “One” (EP)

Tensei are a Chicago-based production crew consisting of Simple X and Midas Wells, and together they have come up with an EP that is an example of their work and what they’re trying to accomplish with their music. It’s called One, and the EP features contributions from The Ones, Scud One, Phenom, Khari Lemuel, Scarlet Monk.

What kind of music this is? They create some smoothed out jazz-influenced soul and funk, but balance things with some head nod-worthy hip-hop, done primarily with real instrumentation and a collective of musicians helping them on their mission.

Don’t miss them on their mission.

(NOTE: The player below highlights 7 of the 10 tracks. The 7 tracks create the “EP”, but the three with vocals turn One into a full length album. If you like what you hear, show support by making a purchase.)

FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD/VIDEO: Denmark featuring Quelle Chris’ “Greenparty Swishercrat”

“We got it for cheap, fuck it/we got it for free” is the opening like in “Greenparty Swishercrat”, a track by Denmark, a song about the wonders of cannabis that brings in Quelle Chris as a supportive crutch for this essential roach, so head to the store for that shrimp fried rice, get that essential shoyu, and get a sonic munchie from this. Denmark ft. Quelle Chris “Green Party Swishercrat” by Synergy Works

REVIEW: Jogujo Circuit’s A New Tide

They call themselves Jogujo Circuit and are an electronic-based group from Copenhagen, Denmark who mix up electronics and laptops with real instrumentation that results in something that’s a cross between Jazzanota and Jaga Jazzist with a hint of Supreme Beings Of Leisure or Soulstice. A New Tide (Ilk) is an album with a nice blend of mid-tempo songs with the occasional downtempo groover, and when they go back and forth between click-style production and something more orchestrated, it sounds like there’s more people in this group than there is (Jogujo Circuit are currently a trio).

The best song on the album is vocally enhanced by a non-member of the group, Kirsti Huke, whose silky ways has her sounding like Denmark’s version of Clara Hill. The time signature is 17/4 so there’s always an extra step throughout the song as she sings about being concise and watching one’s time. I love when she handles the layers of background vocals too. If she doesn’t have a solo career of her own, she should and have these guys handle a few tracks.

The music is not chaotic, more for the chillout vibe in you with touches of jazz but not overly so.