BOOK’S FOODIE: Patti LaBelle’s Sweet Potato Pie (review)

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Last month, I was in Virginia to attend my cousin’s wedding. It was the first time in a very long time I’ve been on a plane so I looked forward to the trip. One of the days had me visiting a Walmart and as I was looking in the bakery section, I saw a logo that I had seen in a few photos. For the first time, I finally saw a box of sweet potato pie made by Patti LaBelle. I didn’t buy it then as I wasn’t sure if anyone else in the family was into sweet potato pie but it was great to see. I had posted a photo of my find online and someone said “it’s at every Walmart” and I replied by saying it was not at my local Walmart here in Washington State.

I then had to make a stop at the Mart and I decided to see if it actually was “at every Walmart.” All of a sudden, I saw the familiar logo and design and I had to try it. Fortunately, the pie was at a clearance price (under four dollars) so I purchased it, brought it home and waited to have my first slice after dinner.

I guess in my mind, all I have to do is cut a piece and put some whipped cream (which I did) or maybe vanilla ice cream, not bothering to read the instructions which said it’s best to warm up the pie in the oven before eating. I did warm it up in the microwave but I kinda prefer doing things the slow way. This time I did not but once I put a small bit of whipped cream on the pie, I was ready to go.

I’m a huge fan of sweet potato pie, as it was something my auntie made for years, who got to know about it from her ex-husband’s mom in Louisiana. Every Thanksgiving, I always looked forward to her sweet potato pie until, as her story went, a rat went into her recipe box and chewed up the recipe. The next time she had made pie, it lost what made it really good. Still good but not as good. This time I wanted to taste LaBelle’s pie, as a lot of reviews and YouTube videos made this out to be beyond impressive. However, the first bite and it tasted different from what I’m used to. The front of the box states it’s made with sweet potatoes, butter, and “spice” and that’s what stood out for me, what seems like a bit too much nutmeg. If it wasn’t for the whipped cream, I probably would not have liked it as much as I did, which to be honest was not a lot.

As much as I had hoped to enjoy this, I don’t think I will try this again. I would prefer to go to other restaurants to try others or if someone makes their own, I’d rather go there. On a scale of 1 to 10, I want to say maybe a 5 but I’ll go down a bit and rank it a 4. It’s not terrible nor is it inedible but the nutmeg is a bit too strong. Maybe this is how it is enjoyed in other places but… while it’s not complete hate, it lacks the love I had hoped for with it.

(NOTE: Since there was a LaBelle sweet potato pie there, I had hoped to try one of the cobblers made by her briend. It too was there and I bought one. I’ll have a review of that very soon.)

BOOK’S FOODIE: Korean penis ice cream (from Eat Your Kimchi)

It’s one thing to have ice cream that’s quite delicious, but then to try out some of the different ice creams made in South Korea. Now you add something else: penis. Um… what’s going on here, or even the better question: what type of penis is it? The great Eat Your Kimchi channel discovered it and decided to try it out for themselves.

BOOK’S FOODIE: How to make a Rich Honey – Victoria Sponge Cake (from Carolina MiLi Artiss)

From Caroline MiLi Artiss’ channel comes a very nice recipe for a Victoria sponge cake made with honey that looks as good as it sounds. If you’d like to print the recipe or look over it to see what ingredients you’ll need, click here. Artiss also has her own website, if you’d like to browse through other videos and recipes she has shared. If you’re wondering about her background, she is Malaysian/British.

BOOK’S FOODIE: St. Patrick’s Day Recipe: Vegan Shamrock Shake (from Edgy Veg)

It’s St. Patrick’s Day and on Twitter I had posted a video of someone making their own variation of McD’s Shamrock Shake. It comes around one time every year, and this is that time. If you’re a vegan, it’s safe to say you’re not eating any food from McD’s but perhaps you had tried a Shamrock Shake before or know of it but wondered if there’s a version of it that you can make. There is one, courtesy of Edgy Veg, that uses vanilla coconut ice cream and almond or hemp milk. Watch the video, and then check the recipe here.

If the vegan recipe is not what you’re into but still want to make your own Shamrock Shake, try this recipe that was posted by

BOOK’S FOODIE: Maple Syrup Pie (from PBS Food)

You like pie? In the words of my late grandpa, “I like pie”. We here in the United States know nothing about true maple syrup, something our friends in the country above us know all too well. Why not combine the two and… no, not pour maple syrup on a piece of pie, but make a maple syrup pie? That sounds incredibly rich, and maybe that’s the point, but now you can make one in the comfort of your home. This video is part of the Kitchen Vignettes series on PBS Food.

BOOK’S FOODIE: 100% Natural Banana Pancakes (gluten free)

This recipe for banana pancakes requires only two ingredients: the aforementioned banana and eggs. That’s it. I think this is something that everyone should try, or at least those who aren’t allergic to or have a distaste for bananas. You can print out the recipe by clicking here. This comes from Cassey Ho and the BlogilatesTV channel.

BOOK’S FOODIE: Girl Eats Food – Getting High on Chocolate (from Vice)

From Vice comes a new episode of Girl Eats Food, and is there a way to get high from chocolate? Maybe not a genuine high but then again, you know how those scientific studies are. You eat a couple of big bars and it’s a gateway to more chocolate and hashish, maybe together. I do not know. Is this meant to be comedic? Informative? Sexy? Yes, maybe, perhaps, I still don’t know. Find out what happens.

BOOK’S FOODIE: Brown sugar pumpkin pie (from Tasted)

Is this really the best pumpkin pie recipe ever? I prefer sweet potato pie myself but I will not resist a good pumpkin pie, and note I said GOOD pumpkin pie. If you watch the Tasted channel, you’ll know who Noah Galuten is. For this edition of Food Feeder, Galuten has his mom talk about and make her special brown sugar pumpkin pie recipe, and this looks not only good, but very easy to make. It’s perfect for Thanksgiving to come, or for those of you non-Americans who do not celebrate Thanksgiving, consider it a good pie to make. Or for Christmas. Or for your favorite band coming into town. Either way, go and make this.