VIDEO: Destani Wolf’s “Your Love For Me”

It is a different approach from what Destani Wolf is generally known for but when you hear the song and how she performs, it is very much what Wolf is known for and still does brilliantly well. The song is called “Your Love For Me”, originally found on her Peek Away EP, and this performance with a beautiful sunset behind her is accompanied by guitarist Bobby Easton. The EP can be found at iTunes (no Amazon or Bandcamp links available).

FREE MP3 DL: Destani Wolf featuring Raashan Ahmad’s “Uprising (Headnodic’s Organize And Uprise Refix)”

Destani Wolf photo DestaniWolf_old_zpsb7addd77_1.jpg
Singer Destani Wolf has a new EP called Peek Away and on it she does a song called “Uprising”. She had some friends to put together a remix so Headnotic of Mission:/Crown City Rockers fame put it together, brought in Raashan Ahmad to drop a rhyme and this is the end result.

VIDEO: Headnodic’s “Zaya”

1) I didn’t know Headnodic made a new video.
2) I didn’t know Headnodic released an EP.

“Zaya” is a video made in support of his new (and free) EP called simply Zaya Remix EP, which you can download by clicking here (91.6 mb). The track features KatO1O along with vocalists Karyn Paige and Destani Wolf.

The more you know.