REVIEW: Saigon’s “The Greatest Story Never Told”

Photobucket There was a time when a good rap album was based on quality “rap” and some damn good production, but somewhere down the line, it changed to where it was based on a publicist’s marketing efforts. The Greatest Story Never Told sounds like an album that would’ve been perfec if it was released in the mid to late 90’s, with the kind of integrity and freshness coming from someone who has a love for the music, and with confidence says “damn, I got a really good voice to do the job”.

The Greatest Story Never Told (Suburban Noize) features a number of guests that a lot of younger artists wish they had the luxury of knowing, including Q-Tip, Swizz Beatz, Bun B, Faith Evans, and a young cat ripping shit who goes by the name of (check this out) Jay-Z. Ha ha! But in the music’s essence is Saigon, who sounds like he’s ready to bust out on everyone with the kind of lyrics and music that make you want to say yeah, cheer, cry, and just go “damn, now this is what hip-hop should feel like”. It would be nice if this music became an inspiration for a generation, and if you don’t believe me, hear it for yourself. A quality hip-hop album that today’s revolutionaries should hear so they can hear what they’re not doing.

RECORD CRACK: Contra Band deliver hip-hop on 45

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Contra Band is a supergroup that unites Joe Dub, DJ Marz, and Alex75 for a double shot of hip-hop goodness. Their Bay Area pride and roots is represented with the Asita Recordings</a label, designed with an old school feel and done up in San Francisco 49’ers colors. As for the music, it’s hot. They are joined on the A-side, “Electronic World”, with Devin The Dude, while the B-side, “PSA”, is truly an announcement about what’s to come from them in the new year.

If you want to hear excerpts from both sides of the 45, head to Asita Recordings and listen, then order. You can also order the record through some of your favorite online vinyl merchants.