FREE DL: Dillon’s “Claws Up (Lobby Dom’s Theme)”
Dillon will be releasing a new album very soon on Full Plate called ‘The Tails Of Lobsterdamus, which leads to the question: what does that mean? I’m unsure right now but the first single from it shows the excitement places in this new project, so check out “Claws Up”

AUDIO: Dillon & Paten Locke’s “Eatin’ My Food”

 photo DillonPaten_cover_zps02f19e82.jpg
Dillon Maurer and Paten Locke are at the family picnic and wonder who is this guy coming up to the occasionl. He makes his own plate and sits down without introducing himself and one of them says “whoa, who is this man eatin’ my food?” and that’s what inspired this song.

NOTE: This story about what influenced a composition is complete bullshit, but what isn’t bullshit is Dillon and Paten Locke, and what they put into this song, a bit like seasoning or hot sauce onto something to enhance the flavors. There is a bit of truth in that.

AUDIO: Dillon Maurer & Paten Locke’s “Previously”

 photo DillonPaten_cover_zpscb8d966b.jpg
These guys have a full plate ahead of them, and the reason for this is because Dillon and Paten Locke will be releasing an album together very soon. From the album will be “Previously”, which could touch on what happened before or maybe it will tell you what you need to know later, but best to just stick with the now and live for today.

REVIEW: Dillon & H2O’s “The New Blues Brothers” (EP)

 photo DillonH2O_cover_zps77be70e2.jpg Dillon and H20 take on the cinematic personas of a well known comedic team and become The New Blues Brothers on their new EP.

For those who are unfamiliar, this is H20 of Yall So Stupid/Mass Influence fame, and Dillon has been making his music out of Atlanta for a number of years, so I’m sure fans down in ATL figured that it was inevitable these two would eventually meet and create fine sounds. As The New Blues Brothers they take each other to new places, venues, alleys, and rooms that perhaps the other has never been in. Some of the instrumentals are packed with nice layers of psychedelic and acid rock that may make some go “wait, this isn’t produced by” so and so and I’ll tell you that no, this isn’t produced by your so and so. When the EP reaches “Get Your Mackin’ On” (which finds itself within a late 70’s jazzy/funk/soul motif), I had hoped/wished that there was much more coming afterwards, because everything here sounded perfect together. I don’t want to make any demands, but I’d love it if you guys did a few more projects together. Highly recommended.

AUDIO: Dillon’s “Come To My Crib”

Atlanta’s Dillon has a request for you: he asks “Come To My Crib”. Will you make that possible? Well, don’t go rushing over just yet, but what you can do is listen to his new track which has him doing a bit of that “skip and a jump” laid back style, but doing it in a way that’s much more than a hop and a slap. I love the way the music is coordinated with the vocals and vice versa, it works brilliantly. Let me know if you agree.