VIDEO: Diplo & Alvaro featuring Kstylis’ 6th Gear

You see ladies playing their legs as if it’s a guitar, or maybe it’s a swift kick done in a way only dancers can do. Then you see Diplo’s name and you’re thinking “oh, I have to watch this by default”. He worked with Alvaro for “6th Gear”, which means after you hung on tight when it went to 3rd gear, you’re beyond faster and yes, it’s alright. The song also features Kstylis so if you need to warm your abdomens before spring comes along in six weeks, get down to this.

VIDEO: Major Lazer featuring Pharrell Williams’ “Aerosol Can”

If you’re wondering how come Pharrell Williams doesn’t rap more like he used to, then you know he has to take it into the hands of Diplo and Major Lazer to get things in you maofakin face. “Aerosol Can” could be considered a lyric video, but it’s a bit more than that if you allow it. I’m sure more lyric videos will be done like this, but it began here. Thank you Wes, thank you Pharrell.

AUDIO: Diplo featuring Angger Dimas & Travis Porter’s “Biggie Bounce (Kid Kamillion Remix)”

 photo DiploBBrmx_cover_zpsc624f4ce.jpg
Diplo is squeezing out sonic biscuits with his “Biggie Bounce”, making sure everyone jiggles their buttocks to the rhythm as they make their feet moist. To maximum the juice quota, the song has been remixed by Kid Kamillion, and I feel the juice already present on dance floors will flood. Call it a hint of the ejaquilax.
Diplo – Biggie Bounce (Kid Kamillion Remix) [feat. Angger Dimas & Travis Porter] by Mad Decent

VIDEO: Diplo featuring Travis Porter & Angger Dimas’ “Biggie Bounce”

When I saw that this video was coming from, I wasn’t going to embedded it because when I used to visit the site, I had issues with malware. I decided to look if it was also on YouTube and yes, here it is. Thus, check out the Diplo with The Travis Porter and The Angger Dimas with the “Biggie Bounce”, doing it in a way that only Diplo can get away with.

SOME STUFFS: Write subject about new Major Lazer EP here

 photo MajorLazerAS_cover_zpseb712e30.jpg
Some will tell you that an apocalypse will happen… now. Of course, you’re still alive so it didn’t happen now unless you are checking out my website in the after world and if you are: welcome. With Major Lazer, it’s not about now but Apocalypse Soon (Secretly Canadian/Mad Decent). That’s the name of the new Major Lazer EP that will be released in a few weeks, and it will feature guest appearances from Pharrel Williams. Sean Paul, RDX & Moska, Mr. Fox, and Machel Montano. The track with Pharrell may take this one to the top.

VIDEO: Diplo featuring Faustix & Imanos and Kai’s “Revolution”

Diplo is blasting himself all over the faces of humankind, and he is doing it again with the help of Fuastix & Imanos and Kai and your friends and maybe their friends and the guy from the chicken shop and the lady who makes a mean curry and the post office and director Phil Pinto but also…

…the track is called “Revolution”, the title track to his latest Mad Decent project, and you are a part of it. The revolution, that is. As the lyric in the song says, “it’s never too late to change your luck.” I believe Diplo is encoding this song with secret messages. Thank you, Wes.

VIDEO: Major Lazer featuring Laidback Luke & Ms. Dynamite’s “Sweat”

Donnie Diglins (a non-existent person, at least to my knowledge) ain’t got nothing on this new joint by Mr. Major Lazer, who is represented by Mr. Laidback Luke and Ms. Dynamite, who are united to “Sweat” until you… YES, YOU… get wet. You can thank Ryan Staake of Pomp & Clout for for the shine and the video’s sheen, so do so. Now it’s time to get moist with your friends.

SOME STUFFS: Stream Diplo “Revolution” in full

A month ago, Diplo had this project up his sleeve. The sleeve has been rolled up like a magical mystery tour and here it is, another Revolution (Mad Decent) to fluctuate your butt cheek muscles. Don’t sweat the technique or your glutes, you can now listen to it in full for free below, like the love below, but different.

FREE DL: Diplo’s “Express Yourself (Twerkcore Remix)”

 photo MochipetDiploEY_cover_zps0c981410.jpg
Do you really need to hear another mix of Diplo’s “Express Yourself”? If it’s made by Mochipet, then yes. This is his Twerkcore remix, so get those puppies out of their cases, spread their hind quarters and get to stepping. Keep on squeezing until it hurts/bursts.

SOME STUFFS: Stream Jack Beats’ new EP in full

In full, as in “three songs”, but it’s music you are able to listen to for free before you decide to buy it. It’s the new Jack Beats EP called Remixed Vol. II (OWSLA). Three weeks ago I presented to you a song remixed by A-Trak, now you’re able to hear more. Two more, as a matter of fact, so have a blast with this.