VIDEO: Divo & GMJ’s “Set Sail”

Transatlantic Soul is the latest album from Divo & GMJ, who want to make sure that the music of T-Town is still kicking it. It’s called “Set Sail” and with the winter freezing a lot of people, this may be something to look forward to when the sun outside becomes the norm again. Transatlantic Soul is available below via

VIDEO: Divo & GMJ’s “Soldier”

Divo directed this video in the Dominican Republican for a song he did with GMJ called “Soldier”, for those who support and/or fight the cause, you know what they’re talking about. If you have no idea what they’re talking about, take a listen and see how life is on the island. You may have heard the song on Divo’s Inside The Vault street album but will also find its way on his forthcoming album, Transatlantic Soul.


FREE DL: Divo & GMJ’s “Soldier”

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Toronto continues to be a hotbed for hip-hop, and while the United States tends to ignore the scene (at least in a mainstream sense), people who know the deal understand how powerful T-Town is. Divo calls the city home and along with GMJ, they bring to you “Soldier”.