VIDEO: Kosha Dillz featuring MURS’ “We Are Different”

We’re not even at the end of the second month of 2016 but we got a video that will definitely be talked about by the end of the year, this one done by the main man Kosha Dillz. For “We Are Different”, it’s a collaboration with MURS so you know it has to be good. Nah, it is good so please have a look and listen at this clip directed by Diwon. It is taken from Kosha’s album Awkward In A Good Way (my review of which can be read by clicking here.)

FREE MP3 DL: Kosha Dillz’s “James Franco’s Bar Mitzvah”

It’s that time of the year to be festive but of course, you can be festive during any time of the year, which is what Kosha Dillz did when he got involved with “James Franco’s Bar Mitzvah” and you might be saying “now wait a minute.” No, you don’t have to wait youy can listen to it or download this beast, while supplies last. The song was produced by Diwon, so you know it’s cooked up nicely.

AUDIO: Diwon’s “Diwon’s Chanukah EP”

In the last week I’ve posted what I feel was a good share of Christmas related songs, but now I want to turn your scope towards Hanukkah. This is an EP by Diwon aptly titled Diwon’s Chanukah EP and it’s safe to say Hanukkah has never sounded as funky as this. Also helping out in these songs are Y-Love, Sarah Aroeste, Kosha Dillz, Cobe Jones, Yehuda Solomon, and Cobe. Listen, enjoy, and have a festive time.

FREE DL: Diwon featuring Brody, Kyle Rapps, Y​-​Love & Nathan Sela’s “Good Life”

Diwon photo DiwonGL_cover_zpse2fc76da.jpg
New Game is Diwon’s latest album and if you haven’t heard about it, or haven’t heard a track but may have been tempted by a review or two, I have a possible solution that may move you to spend some dollars on it. He is allowing everyone to download the song “Good Life” for free. Need a bit more motivation? It’s the track featuring Nathan Sela, Y-Love, Kyle Rapps, and Brody, which means the song is festive and varied, and there should be something in there for everyone.

VIDEO: Diwon featuring Barney Bones & Jesse Scott’s “Games That We Play”

A beach.
A bowling alley.
A pierced lip.

These are some of the things you’ll see in “Games That We Play”, the new video by Diwon that is from his New Game album, which was released yesterday. The album features a mumber of collaborators, including Jesse Scott and Barney Bones, who appear in the song and video (directed by Matthew Stubstad) for this.

REVIEW: Kyle Rapps & Diwon’s “Syndication”

Kyle Rapps and Diwon What Kyle Rapps & Diwon have done for their new free street album is take various samples of television shows, either the originals or cover versions, turn them inside out and make brand new tracks. Sometimes they have something to do with the show itself, other times it’s just about playing with the themes. Syndication is a fine project where the manipulation of themes is part of its appeal, which you can hear in “Mr. Rogers”, “Portlandia”, the funky “Addams Fam”, “Dexter”, and “Twilight Zone”. I really wished they would have done something pretty ruthless to the theme to Hawai’i Five-O but they had taken a more tropical cover of it and sampled that. Without the Five-O hook the song works great but in this form, it doesn’t go all the way. Then again, I’m bias.

The project as a whole works quite well, and if they return to it in the near future, I would not mind this at all.

(Syndication can be downloaded for free.)

VIDEO: Kyle Rapps & Diwon’s “Breaking Bad”

Kyle Rapps and Diwon have teamed up for a track that also doubles as a tribute to one of their favorite TV shows, Breaking Bad. Does the end result work? Check it out.

The song is on their Syndication mixtape and if the title of it wasn’t a clue, the album offers new twists with songs sourced from different TV theme songs. The mixtape will be released in about two weeks.