FREE MP3 DL: Kat O1O’s “MeowMIx Retrospective Vol. 2”

As promised, Kat O1O has relased the second volume of her MeowMIx Retrospective, featuring various tracks she has taken part in in the last 15 years, including contributions from the Mission:/Crown City Rockers collective plus Eric Krasno, People Under The Stairs, DJ Day, and more. Miss Ouano promises more music in the near future, so let’s see what she’ll come up with next.

(If the download link is unavailable on the player above, click to the Soundcloud page for the MeowMix Retrospective. Vol. 1 can be downloaded by heading here.)

VIDEO: Day’s “VQ”

Erick Lee has managed to capture the serene beauty of a desert and place it in the new video by DJ Day, whoo basically says the music and the visuals represent his daily way of being, and without it, he would not be who he is. You may see dry grass and trees, DJ Day sees it as a way of being “laid back” and perhaps… free. The song is taken from his awesome Land Of 1000 Chances album, my review of which can be read here.

(The vinyl pressing of Land Of 1000 Chances can be ordered directly from

REVIEW: Day’s “Land Of 1000 Chances”

DJ Day photo Day_cover_zpsa2b8bb36.jpg DJ Day has been making a great set of music over the years but now, presenting himself simply as Day, he is taken on the album route with the fantastic Land Of 1000 Chances (Piecelock 70).

What I like about it is that throughout these songs, you hear someone with a great ear for music, slicing up soul, funk, jazz, and whatever records he feels like chopping and cutting up. It’s not just the same loops or the sounds most are familiar with, but it’s like looking into a cookbook for the first time and going “what is this? I have no idea but it feels good, I’m going to try it.” His use of vocal samples are quite nice and what works for me is not only its outer dialogue that holds the entire album together, but its inner dialogue that comes from not only the lyrics, but how the samples correspond to one another. This technique is not only within the same song, but from song to song, so by the time the album is finished, one feels like you just went through a novel of sorts, along the lines of a DJ Shadow or RJD2, and with the loose funkiness of a Cut Chemist.

Land Of 1000 Chances is not an album made by someone who simply knows the funky parts, and wanted to string it together. There is something in these songs that are quite remarkable, although that something will not surface upon first listening. It will take repeat listens to get a full grasp of that inner dialogue. If this is not a novel, it’s a very good novella and I’m glad someone like Day allows himself to be sonically literal. He understands the guidelines, but this album represents him driving on the wrong side of the road every now and then. A pleasure? It is.

(The vinyl pressing of Land Of 1000 Chances can be ordered directly from

FREE MP3 DL: DJ Day’s “Way Out Of Living 2”

DJ Day photo DJDay_cover_zpsd6c329a5.jpg
You may download it for free by clicking here. What am I talking about? A new mix by DJ Day (or Day, depending on the time of… YOU KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT!) called Way Out Of Living 2. This mix is in preparation of his new album, Land Of 1000 Chances, to be released tomorrow.

RECORD CRACK: DJ Day to release new album with individual Polaroid’s on each cover

DJ Day
DJ Day is known to me as DJ Day, but he is simplifying things as Day. I show respect to the DJ, and thus he will remain DJ Day to me. But you don’t want to know that, you want to know about what I described in the subject line, right? Fair enough.

DJ Day is about to release a new album on February 12th called Land of 1000 Chances (Peacelock 70), and the vinyl pressing will be interesting, as each one will be packaged in “PETA approved alternate leather”, then a handmade case bound cover with foil stamping. Then (yes, there’s more) each one will have a removable Polaroid picture on the front, as shown above. The album was mastered by the awesome Bernie Grundman (check your liner notes but if you don’t want to, we’re talking Earth, Wind & Fire’s Head To The Sky, Cheech & Chong’s Wedding Album, Joni Mitchell’s The Hissing Of Summer Lawns, Kalapana’s debut album, and most notably Steely Dan’s Aja). As for the final record itself, only 1000 copies have been pressed. Once they’re gone, that’s it.

You can listen to (and download for the time being) one of the tracks on it called “Mama Shelter”. This is very nice.

Extra Reviews: Incognito & “Confessions Of A Shopaholic” soundtrack

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Outside of my column, I am also a contributor to the Reviews section at, and this week I have two reviews that I’d like for you to read. They are reviews of:

Incognito’s More Tales Remixed
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