FREE MP3 DL: DJ JS-1 featuring Ill Bill & Slaine’s “Profreshionals”

If you are familiar with DJ JS-1, then you are in a good place now, for you’re about to check out one of his new songs, “Profreshionals”, titled that way because it’s good to be hi-pro but also better to be fresh with it as well. Now, do you know who Ill Bill is? If so, you’re going to like “Profreshionals”. Let’s add to this equation, it’s not done yet: are you aware of Slaine? That’s the third part, and now the equation is complete, so welcome yourself in and have a listen to it or even better: download it for free, while supplies last.

AUDIO: Syler featuring DJ JS-1 & Nitty Scott, MC’s “Dusk Till Dawn”

Syler photo Syler_cover_zps4f69f082.jpg
Syler is a Long Island MC who is ready to make himself known, and he could do it with “Dusk To Dawn”, which has him doing his thing with DJ JS-1 and Nitty Scott, MC. The track features an interpolation of a well known funk ballad, so press play and if you have to, play it again, even with the Auto-Tune that is used.