FREE DL: Nutso & DJ Low Cut featuring Rasheed Chappell, AG da Coroner, C​-​Rayz Walz & Smiley The Ghetto Child’s “Homicide Blocks”

 photo NutsoLowCut_cover_zps4f6c8d25.jpg
If you were to tell me Nutso and DJ Low Cut were in a track, I would be satisfied as is. Then you tell me you’ve added not one, not two, but four others? Then you bring up the likes of Smiley The Ghetto Child, C-Rayz Walz, AG Da Coroner, and Rasheed Chappell, and I want to know what the hell is going on? Then you tell me what’s going on is “Homicide Blocks”. That is good to me and…

…oh wait, there’s an instrumental to this? That’s bliss.

VIDEO: DJ Low Cut featuring Fran-P’s “It’s A Party!”

Fresh lyrics, tight flow, incredible energy, and just overall goodness: this is the new track by DJ Low Cut, who gets Fran-P to let people know why music (and life) is very much about a party vibe. Down time? Forget it, “It’s A Party!”

VIDEO: DJ Low Cut featuring Dontique’s “How We Roll”

Dope track, great imagery, but of course… what I feel is a damn good song. This is what you’ll see and hear in this video by DJ Low Cut, who brings on Dontique for a track to discover “How We Roll”, which you can check out by downloading the tracks via Bandcamp.