AUDIO: Diabolic’s “Diabolical Sound”

If you know of the rapper known simply as Diabolic, then you’ll know how intense he is in everything he does in a musical manner. Now check this out: DJ Premier. Yes, Premier produced a track for Diabolic and perhaps it has an appropriate title: “Diablogical Sound”. This sounds as good as the hip-hop you love from the mid to late 90’s, but there’s something that tells you it’s the music of today. The song will find its way onto Diabolic’s forth coming Fightin’ Words album due out September 16th.

VIDEO: Nardwuar vs. DJ Premier

Nardwuar The Human Serviette has been upping new videos at a rapid pace as of late, speaking with The Sonics, Diplo, Fat Mike, and once again Mr. Jello Biafra. Nardwuar gets in touch with the hip-hop community once again by speaking with the one and only DJ Premier, and what kind of delights will be brought up in this conversation? Take a look and see.

FREE MP3 DL: Rapsody’s “She Got Game”

 photo Rapsody_cover_zps9f966f15.jpg
People who are in tune with 9th Wonder’s Jamla label know how much he and others have been pushing for people to become aware of Rapsody. Songs with her have been dropped here and there, and then word of an album materializing was out. The album has finally been released for all to hear, and best of all, she’s making it available for free. It’s called She Got Game and it’s safe to say when you, your main man and your mama hears this, they will all repeat the name of this album. The entire package is hosted by DJ Drama with a wide range of special guests and producers, and now you can take it for a car test, courtesy of DatPiff.

VIDEO: Stüssy presents a “YO! MTV Raps” documentary

When YO! MTV Raps aired on the music cable network in August of 1988, it seemed inevitable but no one quite knew the impact it would make. MTV had already placed a very small handful of rap videos by Run-DMC and the Beastie Boys into rotation, but that was it. If you had access to Black Entertainment Television, you would be able to see some of the latest videos on Video Soul and Video Vibrations, with the latter featuring more songs due to the tastes and preferences of the host (which existed only in voice). Then YO! came on, and at a time when the music was gaining a great amount of popularity at record stores and thus record labels, there was a greater push for artists to create a video because now, they were having MTV time alongside Guns N’ Roses, Whitesnake, and Ratt.

Stüssy have put together a 2-part documentary called We Were All Watching, directed by Adam Jay Weissman. The doc highlights the importance of the hip-hop show by featuring segments from it over the years and current interviews with everyone from ?uestlove to Ed Lover, Dante Ross to Bill Adler, The Alchemist to MC Lyte, DJ Premier to Rakim, Shock G. to Sway and others. You may watch both parts of the documentary above.

FREE DL: Y-Roc’s “Livin’ Proof ’13” (EP)

 photo YRoc_cover_zps81aad3b7.jpg
Y-Roc is a 16-year old rapper from New York City who has decided to release a unique EP. He decided to explore the Group Home debut album Livin’ Proof and rap over some of its instrumentals, as produced by DJ Premier. How do the instrumentals of the past blend with the lyricism of today? Check it out yourself.

VIDEO: Ill Bill’s “World Premier”

Ill Bill is ill. How ill is he? He was able to get DJ Premier to producer a song for him, and it’s called what else? “World Premier” and now a video has been made for the song, taken from his The Grimy Awards album on Uncle Howie/Fat Beats.

AUDIO: Heather B.’s “Dreamer”

Years ago, Heather B once said she was not going out. While her time in the spotlight post-Boogie Down Productions, the first season of The Real World, and early solo work was short, she may have been down but she was never out. Now she has surfaced once more for 2012 with a new track, this one produced by MoSS (known for his work with Eternia) and a mixing credit from DJ Premier.

The song is from Heather’s forthcoming mix tape, Spit Queen, so hock up some galagala and get ready to hear what she’ll be offering in full, although you might have to shut your mouth or get that galagala in there. Heather B “Dreamer” (Produced by MoSS, mixed by DJ Premier) by clockworkmusic

FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD: Wais P rhymes over unfinished DJ Premier instrumentals for new project

You gotta have a lot of balls to take someone else’s tracks and say “hey, I want to make some music for you, check it out.” However, when these original instrumentals were unused, one might say “it’s fair game, I’m going to try to see the potential in this.” Wais P did just that with his Premo Pimpin’ mixtape, where he rhymes over tracks produced by the legendary DJ Premier. Each one was sourced from the Beats That Collected Dust (Volume 2) which, as the name states, consisted of material Premier produced but remained unfinished. If anything, it shows that most of Premier’s discarded songs are treasures, and when you have someone like Wais P who can be trusted in making these tracks, why not give it a shot?

Plus, it’s free. Wais P – Premo Pimpin’ (Mixtape) by Diamond Media 360

VIDEO: Reks’ “25th Hour”

The time for looking back is done, but damn if this isn’t a slight flashback to the days when the majority of hip-hop either sounded like this or at least struggled to be this good. For too many years, artists have lost the will to struggle so consider this a much needed rude awakening to the unaware. This is a new track produced by DJ Premier, so yes, stop what you’re doing, turn this up, and raise your hands. Reks is doing damage, take in all injuries and wounds.