FREE MP3 DL: DJ Rahdu’s “Pearls: Sade Remixes, Flips & Covers”

DJ Rahdu has assembled a new mix of songs, this time shining the spotlight on and the one and only Sade. It’s not just the hits, but a wide range of songs, which is perhaps why he titled it Pearls: Sade Remixes, Flips & Covers, so perhaps you may not have heard of some of these songs before, at least in this way. There are a number of ways to obtain this free download, click to for more details.

FREE DL: DJ Rahdu’s “Honey Molasses: Jill Scott Remixes & Covers”
Have you ever looked at or listened to singer Jill Scott and said “damn, I wish I could pour honey all over her”? Well, maybe that’s rude, ignorant and borderline harassment depending on the situation, but perhaps that’s what DJ Rahdu had in mind when he put together this album of Jill Scott remixes called Honey Molasses, or maybe it was his way of saying “let’s combine the sounds, my influences, and see what kind of new sweetness I’m able to create”. No sorghum was involved in the creation of this. This is a one hour mix, so if you’d like to see the full tracking listing, click to the Bandcamp link of the mix for further information.

FREE DL: DJ Rahdu’s “Follow Me: D’angelo Flips, Remixes and Tributes”

 photo DJRahduFM_cover_zps907f5615.jpg
Organized by DJ Rahdu, he put together this mix of D’Angelo remixes, covers, tributes, and flips called Follow Me and despite the delays the man has dealt with towards releasing a hopefully inevitable third album, people will indeed follow him. Reviews for this mix have been nice so far. Full track listing can be seen at the Bandcamp page for the mix.

SOME STUFFS: DJ Rahdu unveils new mix for 2013

BamaLoveSoul presents a brand new mix for 2013 by DJ Rahdu called Intimate Connection, a nice and concise mix of soul and hip-hop. It may very well be a great blend of lovely tracks, but it also coincides with the 5th anniversary of, so celebrate in style with this one. You may stream and listen to it for free but if you want to keep it for yourself, you can purchase the mix with split and indexed tracks through the Bandcamp player on the top (or clicking here.)

DJ Rahdu – Intimate Connection by Bama Lovesoul on Mixcloud