AUDIO: DOTMOB’s “Fuxk The Politics”

A new street album has been organized by Murda Mook, T-Rex and Dutch Brown, who are united under the name DOTMOB and merging everything together is DJ Whoo Kid, which might lead some to say “who, kid?” Listen to the new mixtape for yourself, it’s called Fuxk The Politics.

FREE MP3 DL: Boldy James’ “Jammin’ 30: In The Mornin'”

 photo BoldyJames_cover_zps58946bc2.jpg
It would take three people to host the new street album by Boldy James, which is why he used DJ Whoo Kid, DJ Ray Ya Dig, and DJ BJ 3525 as the presenters. The bold one has released Jammin’ 30: In The Mornin’, and it is a precursor to his proper debut album coming out on Mass Appeal/Decon called My First Chemistry Set, appropriately produced by The Alchemist. That drops on October 15th.

REVIEW: Chris Clay’s “The Christening”

Photobucket The Christening (MIM Entertainment) is a new mix-tape by Chris Clay, who displays his styles and flows in a mind dropping 26 tracks. There are pros and cons to that, and I’ll get into them here.

Clay has a style that is very much due to his influences, and what they are isn’t an issue here. When you hear him, you’ll know what he’s doing while also attempting and accomplishing his style. He’s very direct in a song like “Remember My Name” and “Phuckin’ The Track”, and when you hear him, you want to join him and his crew and go along for the ride. If there’s a downside to his performances, it’s that every now and then he sounds like he’s a few milliseconds off-beat, and I don’t know if that’s one of his traits or how it was mixed, but I think that he’s doing this raw and it’s coming across like that, without the polish. I think if he were to work with more established producers, he’ll be able to get his flow down properly and be able to execute it with the best music out there. That’s not saying the music on here is bad either, because all of it will make you nod your head in approval.

The slightly off-beat vocal tracks helps give this CD a demo feel, and with this being 26 songs deep, most of them not full-length, it has the same vibe as a snippet tape more than a mix tape proper. What I do hear in these tracks is someone who is ready to play and participate, but I’d like to hear songs that are constructed well. I’d consider this a resume album, where others can decide whether or not to work with him, he carries himself off proudly and there will be something here for everyone. Now it’s time to put him to work in 2011.