VIDEO: DLRN featuring Stevie Nader’s “Fear & Loathing”.

DLRN have created one hell of a sleek and dare I say sexy video, mixed in with animal masks and plants. Am I saying animal masks are sexy? Nnnnnnnnno, there are other elements that makes this sexy, and part of it has to do with a bit of “Fear & Loathing”. Is it fear and loathing in the vein of Hunter S. Thompson and Ralph Steadman? You tell me. The song is on their Awakenings EP and will also appear on their forthcoming album, Neon Nair. The video comes courtesy of director Sami Abdou.

California residents will be able to get the DLRN experience through the following scheduled shows:

August 16… San Francisco, CA (Neck of the Woods) @
August 22… San Francisco, CA (50 Mason Social Club)
September 6… Silverlake, CA (TBA)
September 7… Calabasas, CA (The Auto Gallery)
September 8… Sacramento, CA (Launch Music Festival) #

@ w/ The Flavr Blue
# w/ Imagine Dragons, Minus The Bear, Washed Out

REVIEW: DLRN’s “Awakenings”

DLRN Delorean were a great group, but after a small handful of releases, they decided to turn things tighter by turning things up. The addition of vocalist Iman Malika and a slight switch in their name have thrned Delorean into DLRN, and perhaps this is the formula that will take this group even further, if Awakenings is any indication.

While it’s credited as being an EP, it’s 8 tracks just under 30 minutes so in my book it’s an album, or a short album. If these new elements have awaken everyone involved, I’m sure they (along with fans) will be going into this with wide eyes. MC Sean LaMarr is as dope as ever with some of the sharpest lyrics and delivery systems out there, but now with Malika helping to balance things off a bit, one can be drawn to one element while longing for the other, instead of wondering if something is missing. Producer Jon Reyes can easily create solid boom bap tracks as he can do the exotic down tempo thing, so if you want an abundance of the funky former, you tune into “Fear & Loathing”. You want that eerie groove that may remind you of Portishead in their time, you tune into “House Of Matches”. A bit of echo and a twist of the chop of a familiar beat in “Drive” could make some feel that this may be Drake if he had substance and grace, but LaMarr keeps the track bouncing with his vibe and makes you want to hop into the car and cruise wherever he and DLRN plan on going.

Awakenings is the sound of a group who I hope will rock the world in 2013, and I look forward to seeing where they will be around this time next year.

VIDEO: DLRN’s “House Of Matches”

DRLN have returned with “House Of Matches”, and this one is not hip-hop but may turn a few heads because it isn’t. This one features vocals by a new member of the group, Iman Malika. Yes, in case you didn’t know, DLRN have expanded from a duo to a trio, which begs the question: will they be trying new things with this new addition? We will see. Either way, I like it.

VIDEO: DLRN’s “Good Company”

You may have known them as Delorean before, but this is now, and now they are DLRN. Same deal, different spelling. Awakenings is the group’s brand new album and it’s very good, as I’ve had a chance to listen to it in full. A review is forthcoming, but until then I’d like for you to check out one of the tracks that has been turned into a video, called “Good Company”, and you’re now able to see how Sean la Marr, Iman Malika, and Jon Reyes make magic.