SOME STUFFS: Drug Honkey ready to release “Cloak Of Skies”

The album has been recorded, mixed and mastered and now Drug Honkey are prepared to unleash Cloak Of Skies. They’re ready to hype up the machine and they’re beginning with this teaser. The 6-track album, which will also feature a remix of one of the songs by Justin K. Broadrick, will be released on May 5th through the Transcending Obscurity label and will be available as an LP, CD, digital and a nice box set edition.

LYRIC VIDEO: Usurpress’ “Across The Dying Plains”

Usurpress photo Usurpress_old_zpsls5bsmqb.jpg
Out on September 23rd will be a new album from Sweden’s death metal monarchs Usurpress. Okay, maybe not monarchs but they are a great band and The Regal Tribe (Agonia) will be a continuation of what they have been doing to fans, and that is be supplies of brutal progressive death metal with a hint of crust and a touch of doom. For a taste of the ugliness, have a listen to “Across The Dying Plains”.

AUDIO: October Tide’s “Swarm”

October Tide photo OctoberTide_old_zpsocpwn9xj.jpg
Winged Waltz is the title Sweden’s October Tide have chosen for their forthcoming album on Agonia Records. The melodic doom/death metal band are ready to bust it out to everyone but they want to do it in a subtle manner. Here’s the song “Swarm” but judging from the title, it is sure to attack your senses in a not-so-nice way. You may stream the song below via Bandcamp while the album can be pre-ordered through the website as well or from by clicking the cover below.

VIDEO: Soulburn’s “In Suffocating Darkness”

The ugliness charm of black metal shines brightly in darkness with this new one from Soulburn, taken from their latest album The Suffocating Darkness (Century Media). They’ve made a video for the title track, so if you haven’t heard these Netherlands metal brothers, have this for a massive feast. which brings to mind hints of the old with thrusts of the new.

SOME STUFFS: Frank Sabbath looking for label to release new album

Frank Sabbath photo FrankSabbath_old_zpstwdrlcil.jpg
French metal band Frank Sabbath have finished recording their second album Telluric Wanderers but there is only one problem. They released their debut album last year and impressed those who discovered them for the first time and they’re ready to do it again. However, they are without a label. The album was recorded this past summer and they are hoping their brand of psychedelia with a bit of “progressive doom metal” will appeal to those who want their metal on the more adventurous side.

They have posted two songs from the album: “Ascension” and “Subterranean”. The rest of the album is mixed and mastered so it’s ready to go. If you are able to help and would like to get in touch with the band, you may contact them through their official Facebook page.

VIDEO: Seven Sisters Of Sleep’s “War Master”

Ezekiel’s Hags (Relapse) is the forthcoming album from Seven Sisters Of Sleep to be released oN February 5th. The baby is recorded, mixed and mastered and they began sharing music from it two weeks ago with the song “War Master”. Now you’re able to see the video they made for it, complete with found imagery that may make you go “what the hell is going on?” If so, good, that’s how they want it.

AUDIO: Seven Sisters Of Sleep’s “War Master”

The demons of doomsters are back once again and you know who I’m talking about, right? Well, the person of interest is in the subject line above but it’s SEVEN SISTERS OF SLEEP, GUNFUNNIT!!! Mark February 5th within your digital databases, as that’s the day SSOS will be reasing a new album called Ezekiel’s Hags (Relapse) and now you can hear one, just one, song from it, the very nice and delicate (right) “War Masters”. Amazon already has the album to pre-order, you may head there below.

FREE DL: Major Kong’s “Galactic Cannibalism” (EP)

Major Kong photo MajorKong_old_zpsujon230z.jpg
A Polish trio by the name of Major Kong… let’s face it, it couldn’t be any more appropriate. They are a doom metal band who throw in nice slivers of fat and sludge to their sound, which they demonstrate on their new EP released today called Galactic Cannibalism. Stream it in full here, free of charge but consider using the “Name Your Price” option.