REVIEW: SPC ECO’s “Dark Matter”

SPC ECO photo SPCECO_cover_zpsddqehh0p.jpg If you were/are a fan of the 90’s band Curve, you may already be familiar with Dean Garcia. Curve is no more but Garcia has done his share of musical traveling and in 2015, he’s within the boundaries of what he calls SPC ECO, and his partner in rhyme is his daughter, Roe Berlin. Dark Matter (Saint Marie) is the kind of music you might expect to hear within a Portishead or Supreme Beings Of Leisure context. It’s haunting yet honest and direct, and it’s interesting to hear the sounds Garcia creates, as Berlin caresses her soul within the context of what was sonically created.

Arguably, this not the kind of music that you’ll hear anywhere and everywhere but that’s a good thing, for I wouldn’t want to hear this while walking through a supermarket. The album has a certain mood or a collection of moods, and what they’ve done is created to get you in and keep you there during its duration. Whether or not you choose to escape is up to you.

(Dark Matter is available digitally below via Bandcamp. It will be “formally” released on November 20th.)

FREE DL: Brother Saturn’s “The Road Less Traveled”
Drew Miller is back with a new album under his Brother Saturn identity and like his previous works, this one is intense in its own way. Don’t let that be a reason to not want to listen to The Road Less Traveled, as the means to listen is free. On top of that, downloading the album is also free but please use the “Name Your Price” option to show some support.

AUDIO: The Northern Hemisphere’s “A Walk In The Park”

Drew Miller is back with something new under one of my favorite nom de plumes, The Northern Hemisphere. He may have some new music just around the corner, could be under this name or a few more so as always, stay tuned but for now, have a listen to how is to take “A Walk In The Park”.

FREE DL: Brother Saturn’s “three dead horsemen”
There are times when I see that Drew Miller has released new music, I’m more than happy but when he uses another nom de plume, I’m thinking “again?” However, when he retains one name for a number of releases, I am at least comfortable in knowing this. Sure, it’s all tags and perhaps it doesn’t matter for Miller is more than willing to create and release his music and here’s another one of his, under the name Brother Saturday. This project is called three dead horsemen and you can say each horseman is here in the form of a song. The shortest song on this album is 6 1/2 minutes while the largest is a few seconds short of 31 minues, he’s going on that BVDUB vibe. Miller/Brother Saturns continues with his great travels so get this and see where he turns to. It’s a free release but definitely use the “Name Your Price” option to show support.

SOME STUFFS: Drew Miller releases two brand new albums

You may not know Colorado musician Drew Miller just yet but if you’ve been keeping track of my website for the las few year years, you have seen projects by The Northern Hemisphere, Aywazlawst, Brother Saturn, and Chromadrift. Two new albums have been released, thsi time by The Northern Hemisphere and Chromadrift.

The album by The Northern Hemisphere is called We Were Stranded On An Island and while I like it when he releases EP’s every few months, the album experience is much more exciting. Have a listen.

For his album as Chromadrift, check out Another Cold Universe. Listen to them as you want, you may hear some kind of continuity between all of them, or you may hear them individually as their own masterpieces, or just listen for the sake of experiencing new sounds from the man. CHeck out Another Cold Universe below.

Both albums are available for free but if you are really into what Miller offers, show some support or maybe even better, if you’re a movie or video director and want to collaborate with him for a future project, get in contact with him, he’s on both Twitter and Facebook.

VIDEO: Lion Babe’s “Jungle Lady”

 photo LionBabe_old_zpsdc9d1adf.jpg
42 years ago there was a band called Mama Lion featuring vocalist Lynn Carey. In 2015, get ready for Lion Babe, who will be releasing an album soon but have come out with an EP this year. They’re signed to Polydor/Interscope and they’d like for you to check out the song “Jungle Lady”. Childish Gambino is on the EP so check it out.

AUDIO: Brother Saturn’s “Foggy Night”

Brother Saturn is back with a new one, this time with a very strong acoustic feel where things are mixed with a good dose of echo and reverb, allowing the sounds to help create an aura that is fitting for the song’s title, “Foggy Night”. The only sound you’ll hear is that of a guitar, showing a continued exploring journey for the artist who enjoys traveling with new material, new monikers, new ways.

FREE MP3 DL: Lea Lea’s “AK-47 (Paul Basic Remix)”

Lea Lea has a brand new single called “AK-47”, and the tool that you may have heard lately has been nicely remixed by Paul Basic, whose mix is anything but basic, in fact, this may be the reason why you hear it on your local radio stations, if radio still matters to you. Request it and thne tell them why you are not hearing it. This remix is free for one and call, while supplies last. If you’re unfamiliar with the original version or Lea Lea herself, here’s the video for it.

VIDEO: Imperial | Agnes & Lupus’ “Amongst Wolves”

Here’s a cool project from Illect Recordings, where it may sound hip-hop but then you realize it’s not the kind of hip-hop you would hear in an every day situation. Then again, you may already be doing that. It has a slight downtempo/trip hop vibe, a song that you’d expect to hear on Mo Wax, Solesides, or ffrr in the mid to late 90’s. You can blame that partly on the location of the duo Imperial: United Kingdom. There’s a different sensibility.

Add to that the visual component by Agnes & Lupus, and it’s obvious this is a production that is being looked upon differently. You can purchase the song below via Bandcamp.

REVIEW: Leaf’s “51°37’35″N8°42’05″E”

 photo Leaf_cover_zps7af78425.jpg The title of this short 4-song album is called 51°37’35″N8°42’05″E, which suggests we are meant to punch in those coordinates and figure out where that is. I found it to be east of the city of Dortmund in Germany, but whether that is meant to be what it refers to or something that is only found in videos games, I can’t answer that. What I can answer is that Leaf has created an album called 51°37’35″N8°42’05″E and it is my mission, our mission, to find out where he plans on going with the sounds provided.

The tracks are a mix of ambient tranquility with segments of down tempo grooves and minimalism. Some portions of this would sound perfect for dramatic scenes in movies or even video games, where things are meant to seem surreal and mysterious. The songs don’t have actual titles, alhtough since they are called “Part I”, “Part II” and so on, I would assume “51°37’35″N8°42’05″E” is the title track. “Part III” is something that almost borders on the serene feel of Portishead’s works, except Leaf tends to go slightly off-tempo at times so it’s not as super tight as the Portis-folks. “Part IV”, the album closer, is a song you may not want to listen to down a dark highway at 2:42am, it may lead to thoughts of horror, even though the sporadic synthesized rhythms may be sexy to some (and it can be if you allow your mind to go that way). Most of the album is about creating a feeling, an aura, and the funky moments are isolated to where you really have to listen for it if that’s what you want. 51°37’35″N8°42’05″E is an album you could also meditate to, but it may take you somewhere unexpected, perhaps the coordinates will lead the way.