AUDIO: Jade The Moon’s “5 6 7 8”

“5 6 7 8” is a new, laid back track by Jade The Moon. At first you may not know where it is heading but once you get the rhythm of it, you’ll understand that it is drumless for a reason: it can work without drums or that the drums are in your mind. A Jade The Moon EP will be released later this summer on Culvert Music so for now, enjoy this wonderful track, even if it only lasts 2 minutes and 18 seconds.

AUDIO: Terracotta Blue’s “DreamVintage (Part 1)”

It’s only one part of a song, which means there is another (or more) on the way. I speak of Terracotta Blue, who is bringing “DreamVintage” into the new year for you and all. If you’re really into it, purchase the track below via Bandcamp.

FREE DL: Copi Chon’s “Vulcanvacuum”
Vulcanvacuum is a new album by Russian artist Copi Chon with music where the label states “let your own imagination go on this unusual musical road. The flow of sound will show you the way.” On this electronic journey, it’s not a mission of “anything goes” but when the mission begins, you’ll want to hang on. Eight songs, an adventure for all listeners. Come inside.

FREE MP3 DL: Quickie Mart’s “Spectacle”

Quickie Mart photo QuickieMartS_cover_zps29bf4927.jpg
DJ Quickie Mart is getting a bit celestial and laid back in his new spectacle song called “Spectacle”, which could easily become the right instrumental to the right MC (for the right price, of course) but it’s good and sound as it stands. You could even place it as a song on your sexy playlist. Make it happen… tonight.

VIDEO: Cliff Dweller’s “The Warshipper”

“The Warshippers” from Cliff Dweller on Vimeo.

Upon doing a search for music to feature in my podcast, I came across an artist who goes by the name of Cliff Dweller, and within their Bandcamp page was a link to a video. I liked the songs on the album, so I wanted to see what the video was. This is the result.

“The Warshipper” is taken from Ghosts of the Dust Bowl, which is available as a free download for a limited time. (NOTE: If you want to download only a track or two, there’s a minimum fee of $1 per song, so take advantage of the free download for the full album while you can.)