AUDIO: Boris’ “Heavy Rain”/Merzbow’s “Goloka Pt. 2”

This is going to be a trippy album. From Japan, we bring together the band Boris and experimentalist Merzbow. Their new album is called Gensho (Relapse) and will be released as a double CD or a quadruple LP set. On one half of the record you have new material from Boris, doing their harsh style of music with a sense of beauty. On the other half of the record you have Merzbow doing his noisy adventures. What you’re supposed to do is play them together at once.

Sounds weird? Maybe but it sounds very cool. In this case, here is Boris’ “Heavy Rain” and as you will hear, the song is like the full album: percussion-less. You can listen to it as is. You also have “Goloka Pt. 2” by Merzbow, nothing but noise, as he is known for. If you are a noise enthusiast, you may get into this nicely. Now, you play both songs together. That is Gensho, which translates to “phenomenon” so by being involved with this, you are a part of this audio phenomenon.

SOME STUFFS: Drone metal offering from Baghdad 1957
The music of Raleigh, North Carolina’s Baghdad 1957 has been described as something not for people with ADHD, or for people who are into groups like Earth, Sunn O))) or Sutekh Hexen. If you’re not into the digital thing, the 2-song single has been released on cassette, which you may order above from Bandcamp, and where you’re able to test it out for yourself.

SOME STUFFS: Sonance offer new doom and sludge with second album

 photo Sonance_old_zpse63517a5.jpg
Bristol band Sonance released a new album last week called Blackflower, so if you’re into hearing some cautious melodies within your sludge, drone, and doom with some ambient thrown in, you will be pleased by this release. Five new songs running a little over half an hour, the album is for free but definitely use the “Name Your Price” option to show support. To find out more about Sonance, head to their official Facebook page.

SOME STUFFS: sunn((ra)) to release 23 copies of his new cassette

 photo sunnra_cover_zpse1b6867c.jpg
sunn((ra)) is in no way related to the late jazz musician and martian Sun Ra, but is the creation of Thorsten Meer, who has done work as Doomra, Radilla, Rakghoul, Acid Ra Travelers, and simply RA. sunn((ra)) is more experimental in nature, and the new 2-track EP (Live Up North) also features a unique cover of Death In June’s “Heilige Tod”, which is almost a non-cover. When you listen to it, you’ll understand.

Only 23 copies of Live Up North is being made, which you can purchase below through Bandcamp. The EP is available digitally for the price of “free”.

RECORD CRACK: Gnaw to release vinyl pressing of “Horrible Chamber”

 photo Gnaw_cover_zpsbd3a368c.jpg
The second album from Gnaw is ready for release next month on the Portland-label Seventh Rule. It’s a seven-track album called Horrible Chamber, and the record will be pressed in two different color variations:
* standard black
* silver with “red haze” (as shown above)

You can pre-order your copies directly from the Seventh Rule online shop (compact disc fiends can choose to go here) or if you’re in Australasia, you can order from Black Wire Records. For a preview of the album, click the player below to listen to “Water Rite”.

SOME STUFFS: Mhönos share excerpts from “Decembris Penitentia”

 photo Mhonos_cover_zps41bf9495.jpg
What began as a one-man project has expanded into something much more glorious. France’s Mhönos will be releasing a new album called Decembris Penitentia, where they merge elements of drone, doom, and black metal to create something that sounds ritualistic, dark, and powerful. The excerpt below probably doesn’t begin to shine the light on how decent this album will be, but as with most excerpts, allow it to be a tasteful teaser.

RECORD CRACK: Monarch’s 6th album gets the vinyl treatment

 photo Monarch_cover_zps6a0252f6.jpg
Originally released last year on CD through At A Loss Recordiings, the 6th album by Monarch is going to be released on vinyl by French label Music Fear Satan. Omens had the band recording the songs around the world, with sessions happening on Japan, Australia, Canada, and the United States. Along the way, they brought in collaborators to help them execute the new project, including Jeanne Peluard of The Sparteens, Yailen Munoz of Ensorcelor, and Atsuchi Sano of Birushanah.

The vinyl pressing will come in two color variations:
700 on standard black (which can be pre-ordered here)
300 on clear, red, and black swirl (which can be pre-ordered there
 photo MonarchO_vinyl_zps79e5fb97.jpg

34 minutes of metal ecstasy. You can listen to the song that fills up Side 2, the 19 minute “Black Becomes The Sun”, by streaming it on the Bandcamp page below.

SOME STUFFS: Stream new album by CHVDS

 photo CHVDS_old_zpsca9966e6.jpg
Sean French and Nathan Johnson are CHVDS, and with an album due out in a few days, they have chosen to share it to everyone for all to hear. The Dallas duo will be releasing Night Of The Blood Moon on Pour Le Corpse, which is being called an “unofficial micro-necro” offshoot/subsidiary of Pour le Corps Records (a part of it almost sounds like as if the label is called “pour liquor”, but that may be just me). The music by CHVDS is dark and black with doom qualities, with some nice drone that will weaken even those with strong hearts. Have a listen to it below via Soundcloud, and you may also pre-order it digitally on Bandcamp, also below. Night Of The Blood Moon will also be released on cassette so for those who prefer to hear their music move at 1 7/8 ips, you can have it in your favorite format.

RECORD CRACK: Ash Borer fans may pre-order forthcoming LP now

Ash Borer photo AshBorer_cover_zpsd530c955.jpg
This is the artwork for Bloodlands, the album by Ash Borer on Psychic Vilence/Gilead Media. According to the information from the label, it had taken three different test pressings before the label gave final approval for the plant to press it up. The record will be on 180g vinyl and packaged in “a thick, 24 pt jacket with a 4.25 x 5.5 vellum insert and download code for those who wish to have the album as MP3’s. Grey pressings were made but pre-orders for them have now placed it with “sold out” status, so only regular black vinyl remains. You may pre-order your copy directly from The record will ship on or around May 30th.

You may stream the album in full (two tracks total) by clicking the Bandcamp player below.

FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD: “Total Drowning” compilation

Total Drowning
Total Drowning is a compilation put together by a net label who release drone and doom metal, and this one focuses on the old and new. It features music by SOL, Wyrm, AM esper, Outer Nothingness, Ainshval, and Omar Garita, and it’s pretty intense. To sample the tracks that are on it, click the Soundcloud player below. For access to the download of Total Drowning, click here.