SOME STUFFS: Sonance offer new doom and sludge with second album

 photo Sonance_old_zpse63517a5.jpg
Bristol band Sonance released a new album last week called Blackflower, so if you’re into hearing some cautious melodies within your sludge, drone, and doom with some ambient thrown in, you will be pleased by this release. Five new songs running a little over half an hour, the album is for free but definitely use the “Name Your Price” option to show support. To find out more about Sonance, head to their official Facebook page.

REVIEW: Prurient’s “Washed Against The Rocks” (7″ single)

 photo PrurientWATR_cover_zpsf1c40e5a.jpg Prurient’s latest effort is a 2-song single that is minimalistic drone, but not too minimalistic to where you’re listening to nothing but a drone. There’s a slight pulse and rhythm to these pieces but it’s so beneath the layers, it comes off like listening to a distant radio frequency and finding some sense of something beyond what is being heard. “Doors Closed In Secrecy” sounds as if what is being heard is piped in a huge chamber or hall and what you’re listening to at any given moment may have happened thirty seconds ago. If you get locked into the pulsating rhythm, that adds a unique dynamic if you wish to go that way.

The title track could be heard as gloomy, glorious, or holy, if not spiritual, depending on what time of day you are listening to this. The piece could easily be used as a backdrop in a film, or perhaps the backdrop to something in your life, if not the backdrop to the final song you listen to before you die. It could easily be connected in some way to “Doors Closed In Secrecy”, if only for the types of echoes and reverb used, but a part of me thinks neither song correspond with one another, it’s just two brand new Dominick Fernow songs, which at times is the only knowledge needed to enjoy and/or understand his works.

(The Washed Against The Rocks 7″ single is available from Thrill Jockey.)

SOME STUFFS: New split cassette from Telecaves and Walter Gross
IF you’re looking to listen to something edgy and experimental this weekend, you’ll want to get a new split release between Telecaves and Walter Gross. The EP is a 33 minute cassette featuring three tracks from Telecaves and four from Walter Gross, ranging in everything from drone to found sound and musique concrete, so if you are someone who is willing to explore sounds and have the sounds explore your inner self, you’ll want to check this. Only 100 copies are being made on cassette, with 50 copies packaged in a green shell, the remaining 50 in a black shell. You may stream it in full below with the Bandcamp player above.

RECORD CRACK: Hollow Sunshine to release new 45

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Reuben Sawyer and Morgan Enos gave joined forces again as Hollow Sunshine and will be releasing a new single, their first set of new music since their debut album last year. In what’s being described as “two songs of helplessness, departure and relief”, the two new songs are “Cold Truth” and “I Wandered”. Nostalgium Directive of Seattle are keeping things easy with this one, only 500 copies are being pressed on black vinyl with a picture sleeve. You may pre-order it through their web store or go for it digitally below through Bandcamp.

SOME STUFFS: Seirom releases new EP of minimalistic warmth
The moans of minimalistic drone is explored in a new 2-song EP by Seirmon. Titled Strandheem ’92, the cover is based (if not stolen) on classical records while the music is very much the kind of sounds that you’ll want to zone out to, or it will zone you out as you meditate through its waves. The 17-minute EP is available for free.

BANDCAMP SUGGESTIONS: In Kit Form’s “Receptacles”

<img src=" photo InKitFormR_cover_zps15a187bb.jpg Chris Marsh has returned as In Kit Form, and his new album is a three-track piece that is categorized as “worship; Christian” but also glitch, drone, noise, and experimental. Can this be? Well, of course.

The sounds can be both dramatic and melodramatic, haunting and eerie, atmospheric and tender, and sometimes going nowhere in the right direction. It’s the kind of works where you have to allow it to take you to discover where it may or may not lead, and what happens afterwards is up to you. Is it in anyway spiritual or devotion? Hard to say, you can interpret these tracks in any way you want but take them as you wish and see where it will allow you to stop. If you allow it to stop at all.

RECORD CRACK: Vinyl pressing of Virile Games’ “Wounded Laurel” is available

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If you picked up the Virile Games release last spring called Wounded Laurel (Hospital Productions) (my review of which can be read by clicking here), maybe you purchased it digitally or on cassette. Maybe you obtained it through other means but were hoping for a vinyl pressing. Nine months later, Hospital Productions have answered your requestss for one. Copies are now available directly from for American customers, or from for European customers.

SOME STUFFS: Take a sip from the Juice Machine and their new album

Juice Machine photo JuiceMachine_cover_zps91dde7f2.jpg
Roger Smith and Heather Chessman are a wife and husband duo who as a group call themselves Juice Machine. Their new album is called Gratitude Flows and like much of their work, everything is improvised and performed live. Three tracks of insane drone glitch stuff, and it’s ready for your listening pleasures. To download the album, head to or to

RECORD CRACK: Pre-orders being taken for new Imaginary Forces EP

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Imaginary Forces have finished their new EP called Corner Crew, in fact, you can stream it in full right now on Bandcamp below. The record is due out in August but they are hoping for some help. The plan is for the band to release the record but they’ll need some pre-orders for it to insure its reality. The EP will be released by Sleep Codes, and it’s going to be pressed on a hand-stamped white label 12″ record. The goal is that if they get enough pre-sales for it, the record will be done. The first 50 people who order a copy will also get a bonus Imaginary Forces CD-R. If the pre-sale goal isn’t reached, all funds will be refunded. Have a listen, have the music get in touch with you and if you’re into it, consider ordering a copy or two.

SOME STUFFS: sunn((ra)) to release 23 copies of his new cassette

 photo sunnra_cover_zpse1b6867c.jpg
sunn((ra)) is in no way related to the late jazz musician and martian Sun Ra, but is the creation of Thorsten Meer, who has done work as Doomra, Radilla, Rakghoul, Acid Ra Travelers, and simply RA. sunn((ra)) is more experimental in nature, and the new 2-track EP (Live Up North) also features a unique cover of Death In June’s “Heilige Tod”, which is almost a non-cover. When you listen to it, you’ll understand.

Only 23 copies of Live Up North is being made, which you can purchase below through Bandcamp. The EP is available digitally for the price of “free”.