FREE MP3 DL: Numonics & The Infinite’s “95” (mix)

A 62 minute mix is what Numonics & The Infinite are offering everyone to stream & listen or download. The title of the mix is simply called 95, and honors the highway that goes through Miami. This is the complete track listing:

01. Numonics – Camping Out In That Corridor
02. Numonics x Infinite – Fear The Cyclops
03. Numonics – Posted in the club
04. Numonics – Drug Dealer
05. Jeremih – All the time (Numonics Remix)
06. Numonics – Beat It Up
07. Sin (feat. REKS) – City On Fire
08. Numonics – LOW
09. Numonics – Dat Glitch
10. Numonics x Infinite – Tres
11. Numonics – Feline Fiend
12. Eleanor Rugby – So You Wanna Rap?
13. Numonics – I Got That Work
14. J NiCS – Hitman
15. Numonics x Infinite – Show Me Dubs
16. Numonics x Infinite – Wrek Trap
17. Numonics x Infinite – Terrorist
18. Numonics x Infinite – Klingon
19. Trick Daddy ft Trina – Nann (Numonics x Infinite Remix)
20. Numonics x Infinite – Bong
21. Numonics x Infinite – Supernova
22. Numonics x Infinite – Say Goodbye
23. Numonics x Infinite – On That Fateful Day
24. Sevenstar – Wolves of New York
25. Numonics x Infinite – City Slicker Dreams

FREE MP3 DL: Phuture Doom’s “Doom Terror Corps”

 photo PhutureDoom_cover_zpse66d5d97.jpg
Phuture Doom’s self-titled album on OWSLA will not be out for another week, but the motherfuckers who want you to hit your head on an amp with their brand of hardcore electronica are about to make you bleed without the assistance of weed so that you will forget that you just peed. DO YOU KNOW WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT AT THIS PRESENT TIME? DO YOU KNOW THIS? HUH? LET THIS MOTHER RIP OPEN YOUR BLADDER, YAGA YAGA YAGA or something like that.

REVIEW: Machinedrum’s “Vapor City”

 photo MachinedrumVC_cover_zps652a96b9.jpg News about a new album from Machinedrum really got me going, you know? I have enjoyed what he did with his 2011 album Room(s) to the point where I almost caught myself listening to it backwards and at half-speed, it’s that good. A new song of his, remixed my DJ Shadow, pumped me up even more and I looked forward to whatever he offered. Vapor City (Ninja Tune) is the offering, and I probably wet myself once the final notes were heard.

With that out of the way, Vapor City continues to show the production expertise of Machinedrum but it is also a more finely tuned Machinedrum as well. There are some songs where there is a sample sequence using a guitar and I can compare that to what he had done on Room(2) and previous projects, but then I will hear other portions of the album feel that it is also a progression of what he had done. It’s a need to keep things traditional, to maintain the usage and styles of what he did before, but also try new things. It is that blend of the traditional and the newly formed that help drive this album. I enjoy his use of vocal samples and how they may be sparse or distant and yet become the core of these songs, then you hear some of the beats he’s doing. Some of the instrumentals go back to a time when house became techno, which lead to jungle and the other variants of the genres and sub-genres, as if the last 20 years have just been us existing in a jungle world and we’re just slaves to Machinedrum’s rhythms, both present and subliminal. He makes music that I would find myself listening to frequently, and yet I can also imagine him working with mainstream artists, just to see how he will test their limits. I want to see and hear the limits removed, and I hope Machinedrum will be there to take care of the equations and solutions.

VIDEO: Machinedrum’s “Eyesdontlie”

This man’s music has been on my iPod almost constantly, specifically his incredible 2011 album Room(s). His latest effort is a single on Ninja Tune called “Eyesdontlie”, and they do not. For some of you, you may have heard DJ Shadow’s remix of “Eyesdontlie” before the original but trust me when I say the original is quite satisfying in its own way. Turn off your mind, relax, and let the pulsating rhythms take you there like Pete Rock & CL Smooth once did.

FREE DL: Mochipet’s “Kaiju Pet”

 photo MochipetKP_cover_zps9850496c.jpg

Mochipet is apparently a fan of the film Pacific Rim, enough to where it influenced to put together a new song called “Kaiju Pet”. He said that he wasn’t a fan of the soundtrack, so he decided to create his own soundtrack of sorts. This is what happened. Good job, Mochipet.

RECORD CRACK: Hidden Orchestra release the “Archipelago Remixes” double 10″

 photo HiddenO_cover_zps85023a80.jpg
Hidden Orchestra have a nice release out today from the good people at Tru-Thoughts. Archipelago Remixes is a double 10″ EP highlighting remixes of songs from the group’s Archipelago album, featuring DC Breaks and King Britt remixes of “Vorka”, the Kelpe remix of “Fourth Wall”, and the Long Arm remix of “Reminder”. You can stream the double 10″ EP in full below, courtesy of Soundcloud. For those who may want to purchase it digitally, you may do so from

AUDIO: Nina Simone’s “Don’t Let Me Be Missunderstood (Zeds Dead Remix)”

 photo VerveRmxLadies_cover_zps58246231.jpg
This may be hard to believe, but it’s true. There’s yet another Verve Records remixed project, this one called Verve Remixed: The First Ladies, honoring some of the many ladies who have released music in Verve’s discography over the years. Along with remixes by Toro Y Moi, Azari And III, and Bassnectar, Zeds Dead were honored with a spot on the album, and they decided to honor Nina Simone’s cover of “Don’t Let Me Be Missunderstood” in their own way: the drum’n’bass way.

AUDIO: Blood Diamonds featuring Dominic Lord’s “Barcode (Figure Remix)”

Blood Diamonds photo BloodDiamonds_cover_zps9c99b5b1.jpg
Will this be a track that will help pierce a generation of peepee holes? Figure created this remix of “Barcode” by Blood Diamonds and Dominic Lord, and it’s a hard-hitting fist to the brains and it sounds like it’s ready to rupture intestines, especially at the 0:34. This is like the ultimate fantasy/nightmare after driving a full evening of Rad Racer, with open-mouth fishes sucking your funky emotions.

RECORD CRACK: The Mensah contribute to the mammoth drum’n’bass soundscape

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The Mensah will thrill fans of drum’n’bass with the new Untitled Future Funk EP on Hench. The music has been called an “80s technicolour melodic party”, with lush keyboards and samples of interest, but it’s quite good, as you can hear in the title track.

The record can be ordered from Rooted Records in the UK.