VIDEO: Menacin Johnson featuring Rain Bisou’s “What It Means”

Who knew that within the vicinity of where the cast of The Big Bang Theory is located is a rapper who drops rhymes and flows as if it was no ones business? He goes by the name of Menacin Johnson and he wants it to be your business, important business. “What It Means” teams him up with the wonderful singer Rain Bisou and the song is perfect for one another, a nice blend that is a wonderful balance between the two. The track was released this past spring but they decided to brew up the video in the fall. The song was produced by Duke Westlake.

AUDIO: Menacin Johnson & Duke Westlake featuring Rain Bisou’s “What It Means”

Menacin Johnson is not menacing as his name implies, in fact, by the time you hear him in his song “What It Means”, you’re already 90 seconds into it, allowing vocalist Rain Bisou to sing. It comes off as if it’s her song and Menacin decided to drop a cameo but that’s not the case. The L.A. rapper worked with local producer Duke Westlake on the song and there’s a reason why it sounds that way. I myself would’ve started off with a non-verbal vocal melody and then Menacin dropped his first line within thirty seconds of the intro, but the song works nonetheless. Johnson’s most recent project was the album Brand New Headsets Vol. 2, so listen to it if you’d like to hear more from him.

VIDEO: Red Pill’s “Rap Game Cranky”

A solo album is on its way from Red Pill, and from it will be something not shanky called “Rap Game Cranky” and who is the one that is cranky? Red Pill himself? Another rapper? Fans? Find out the truth behind his venom. Well, find out if it’s really venom or something else. You may know him from Ugly Heroes, now see how he does things on his own. Video was directed by Jay Brown while the song was put together by producer Duke Westlake. The album, called “Look What This World Did To Us, will be out on April 7th.

SOME STUFFS: New Oddisee track to appear on forthcoming Mello Music Group compilation

 photo MMGMV1_cover_zpsa42306e7.jpg
Mello Music Group are easily one of the most busiest labels out there today, and for me, I always anticipate what they’re about to release next. Here is that next: a compilation album called Mello Music Group Mandala Vol. 1: Polysonic Flows, to be released digitally on January 28th, with hard copy on February 4th. The album will feature material from yU, Dudley Perkins, Has-Lo, Blueprint, Georgia Anne Muldrow, Open Mike Eagle, John Robinson, Mr. Lif, Akil The MC, and Oddisee, who decided to share one of his contributions to the album with “Invislble Walls”, which you may download for free.