FREE MP3 DL: Charles Only’s “Blue Checkmark”

Once upon a time, there was a group named Dumhi and one of its members was named Shameless Plug. The rapper eventually opened himself up to sing more and things were left as is. Then he decided to widen his scope, which meant he would change his name. Welcome yourself to Charles Only, which is based after his real first name so if you have never heard of Shameless or what he did before, then get yourself familiar with Charles Only. “Blue Checkmark” is a nice soulful track he did with producer Nemes1s and with luck, this will be the one that will take him to the next level.

SOME STUFFS: Dumhi releases a new album for 2014
Brand new from the Dumhi empire is a new album nicely titled Loosies vā€‹.ā€‹3: Soft Pretzel Power Ballads, the third volume in the Loosies theme of projects and the follow up to this year’s volume two. This album features contributions from Reef The Lost Cauze, Biz Mighty, Meech, Burke The Jurke, Scanz, Nico The Beast, Rich Quick, and others, all compiled by Raj/Haj. The cassette pressing of Loosies v.3 recently sold out so you’ll have to dig around online to find out who may still have copies.

FREE DL: Reef The Last Cauze & Raj of Dumhi’s “92 Flow”

 photo ReefDumhi92_cover_zps468d5727.jpg
It’s a song they did for their Sirens On Snyder EP and now you can download it for free. If you haven’t heard the release by Reef The Lost Cauze and Raj of Dumhi, then this is your proper introduction to it. They go back 21 years and thrive on that “92 Flow”, back when hip-hop was different. Then again, anything from over 20 years ago, be it music, fashion, or sensibilities, shows age but the flows of 92 have aged well, never dated and even if dated, it shows sensibilities that may not exist anymore. The song was probably created as a means to either go back to that sensibility, or find out what we’ve lost in order to get to where we’re at right now.

REVIEW: Reef The Lost Cauze & Haj of Dumhi’s “Sirens On Snyder” (EP)

 photo ReefDumhi_cover_zpsc3b63533.jpg A bit of South Philadelphia representation comes in the form of Sirens On Snyder, an album-length EP recorded by Reef The Lost cauze and Haj/Raj of Dumhi. For one, if you know how Reef rhymes on the mic, then you do not need any type of introduction. He displays his flows and styles on eight of the nine tracks (one of them is the introduction to the EP), and anyone who… I was going to say misses clever metaphorical but clever metaphorical can still be found in decent hip-hop, you just have to know where to look. It’s great to be given direct messages but I still want rhymes that will make me think twice, three, and maybe seven times before I go “aaah, now I get that shit”. Reef doesn’t put people in the clouds or anything, but he does offer lyrics that will make you proud to be a hip-hop fan.

As for Haj, if you have paid any attention to the works he has done within a Dumhi context, you know how mixes up sample choices and ways of executing his songs. He can be bluesy, he can do the dope shit, he may touch on an old 50’s song and flip it into something orchestral and haunting, but he never fails to amaze.

Together, these two need to be making much more music together, but if this is the only thing they’ll do, then hip-hop music has been blessed with their creativity.

FREE DL: Reef The Lost Cauze & Haj of Dumhi’s “The Pelican”

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Reef The Lost Cause has another track with the main man Haj/Raj of Dumhi, and together they bring you “The Pelican”. The song is from their Sirens On Snyder EP (which was my Bandcamp Suggestion on May 14th of this year), and now you can download the track for free.

BANDCAMP SUGGESTIONS: Reef The Lost Cauze x Haj of Dumhi’s “Sirens On Snyder” (EP)

 photo ReefDumhi_cover2_zps659c12bd.jpg As I write this, this EP is not even 30 minutes old but it may be one of the hot hip-hop albums to have this spring. It’s a new collaborative project between Reef The Lost Cauze and Haj of Dumhi, and Sirens On Snyder is what has come to fruition after their initial collaboration five years ago. This EP also features guest spots from Ether Cee, Side Effect, Random, and Burke the Jurke, a bit of Philadelphia representation and then some. You may now stream and listen and if you’re into it, consider making a purchase.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Us Natives’ “Used Vinyl Review II”

Us Natives
New music from Us Natives? Indeed it is, and this one is called Used Vinyl Review II, with production assistance from Haj/Raj of Dumhi, Meks Uno and Just Plain Ant. John E. Cab mixed and mastered this one for Us Natives, and at 12 tracks, there’s no shortage on finding something here, from Philadelphia to you. (The first installment of Used Vinyl Review was my Bandcamp Suggestion on April 29th of this year.)

SOME STUFFS: Reef The Lost Cauze and Dumhi unite, Philly style

Representing Philadelphia are Reef The Lost Cauze and Haj/Raj of Dumhi and if you’ve kept up with them, they have been quite busy in the last few years. Things have been clicking once they did a track together, and one has lead to more. This is that more, a track in honor of Philadelphia Eagles safety Brian Dawkins called “B. Dawk”. On top of various mixes of the song, you also get “Thought Control”, which nicely weaves “The Happiess Days Of Our Lives” and “Another Brick In The Wall (Part II)” into the mix. Is there a better word than hotness? I dare you to find it and when you do, apply it to “Thought Control”.

FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD: Dumhi’s “The Scene (You Don’t Know)”

The Dumhi movement continues with a brand new single featuring two tracks for your listening pleasures. “The Scene (You Don’t Know” has Haj scooping up Random (a/k/a Megaran), Open Mike Eagle, Burke The Jurke, and Doodlebug (a/k/a Cee Knowledge) of Digable Planets.

It could easily end there but no, you also have “Sacred Papercuts” where Rich Quick, Nico The Beast, and Scanz each add something to the stew. Grab a spoon and have a taste. Can’t? No excuses, it’s free for the time being.

VIDEO: Ethel Cee & Dumhi’s “Coke & Yoga”

A few days ago I discovered there was a Tropical Mango version of a popular cola drink. Today, it’s about “Coke & Yoga”, a song by Ethel Cee & Dumhi.

The video begins with the symbol for “om”, but in order to get to om, you have to accept “calm” and that means breaking down a few obstacles (both mental and physical), which is what you’ll see throughout this video.