AUDIO: Centri’s “Boric Acid”

 photo Centri_cover_zps14d92e59.png
Centri is ready to release his new album fairly soon called Headless Nobody but you can hear it right now for free because it’s for your convenience. It’s called “Boric Acid”, produced by the one and only Dynamics Plus, and this one hits in the gut where it needs to.

REVIEW: Dynamics Plus’ Chaos Legion I & II

I really wanted to give this project a shot, and for some reason I just wasn’t feeling it the way the artist intended. Dynamics Plus is decent, and the concept of the two volume Chaos Legion (Dynamica Music) is that it’s meant to be a story of warriors told in comic book form, or fairy tale form, or something. I love the music and overall production, but I found some of the stories to be a bit too much. Maybe it caught me on a bad day, I don’t know, and it’s funny because I do enjoy albums by artists who go out of their way to create storylines that are definitely not of this planet.

Chaos Legion is an inspiring project and I wish I could explain exactly why it doesn’t work for me. Sometimes a lot of rappers do take on the personas of comic book heroes, and we all know that the Wu-Tang Clan were something out of the Marvel or DC Universe, complete with aliases and special techniques. Yet I found myself wanting to hear Quasimoto more.