VIDEO: E Major featuring Rome Cee’s “TSRH”

You know what is this shit right here? Initially, you’re thinking “well, it’s a video, I read the subject line”, but T.S.R.H. stands for ‘this shit right here” and it comes from E Major, who is not minor in his rhymes. Rome Cee helps out and this is all you need to know, watch and enjoy the video. The song is taken from E’s Baltimore Bruin album, free for one and all.

VIDEO: E Major’s “Slow It Down”

If you can, do. That’s what E Major chose to do when it came time to make a video for his song “Slow It Down”: he directed it himself. The song was handled by producer August Flight Gordon, and is from E Major’s Baltimore Bruin album, which you may stream in full and download for free.

VIDEO: E Major’s “Outrageous”

It was in early 1985, during the American Music Awards, where as the host of the awards show, Lionel Richie had said the word “outrageous!” and made it the catchphrase of the night and week. If social media existed back then, it would have lead to 1000 memes and cries of lunacy from haters.

E Major is originally from Baltimore, Maryland and probably would like to be as prosperous as Lionel Richie is, hard work and determination will lead him there. September 2nd is when he’ll be releasing his album Baltimore Bruin, which is where “Outrageous” originates. While not featuring any Lionel Richie, Commodores, or Kenny Rogers samples, it’s a song that is, in the words of E Major himself, “fresh, never tacky”. If the beat sounds familiar, then you’re a Madlib fan, as it’s taken from “Movie Finale” from the Beat Konducta In India album. To add to this, E Major decided to go to India to not only be in front of the camera of the video, but behind the scenes, as he directed this one himself. His wife’s family is from India, so it was more than apt that the video he made it for was rooted from a Bollywood record.