VIDEO: Eddie James’ “Street”

Eddie James photo EddieJames_old_zpsyycup9a3.jpg
In late March I posted a video by Eddie James called Why I Grind. It may have been something you asked yourself when Pepa of Salt-N-Pepa said she liked to grind in “It’s Your Thing”, but James made sure he let you know. This time around. James is letting us know the importance of the “Street”. The song will be on his debut EP due out next month called Dedicated To Woodside. Visuals come courtesy of director Jamal Joseph.

VIDEO: Eddie James’ “Why I Grind”

In Hawai’i, grinding is the term used for someone who is hungry for meal so whenever Eddie James makes it to Hawai’i for a show, this song will mean something completely different than someone hwo hustles to make money. “Why I Grind” is an education song of sorts on why it is important to make money to not only survive, but to pay the bills. For James, he has to do it by using his skills. More skills to be heard and experienced when he releases his EP Dedicated To Woodside this summer.