FREE MP3 DL: J-Live featuring Ekundayo’s “Microphone Stamina”

Ol’ Dirty Bastard once did a song written with The Genius where he talked about “stanima” which also rhymed with Panana and having a suntanama, but J-Live is doing his own thing about rhyming with a keen sense of “Microphone Stanima”. The song will be on his forthcoming album How Much Is Water? and this one features some help from Ekundayo. You may pre-order the album from Bandcamp below available in a number of different bundles that will be out on CD and cassette, as well as digital. No vinyl pressing for this one right now but it is being considered.

SOME STUFFS: J-Live returns once more with “Around The Sun”
J-Live is back with a brand new album called Around The Sun and for this one, he brings on twelve new songs, some of which feature the talents of Tanya Morgan, Rome Supreme, Ekundayo, Boog Brown, Homeboy Sandman, and Sam London helping out a bit. If it’s J-Live, you know it’s music you don’t want to mess with, or mess with it in a good way.

FREE DL: DJ Rahdu’s “Follow Me: D’angelo Flips, Remixes and Tributes”

 photo DJRahduFM_cover_zps907f5615.jpg
Organized by DJ Rahdu, he put together this mix of D’Angelo remixes, covers, tributes, and flips called Follow Me and despite the delays the man has dealt with towards releasing a hopefully inevitable third album, people will indeed follow him. Reviews for this mix have been nice so far. Full track listing can be seen at the Bandcamp page for the mix.