VIDEO: Rahim Samad’s “Do Your Thing”

Rahim Samad is here to show you what you want to hear, or what you should be hearing. “Do Your Thing” was produced by Elaquent, and the song is as eloquent (musically and lyrically) as you’re ever going to get it. Download the song while supplies last, if you’re into it. The song will be on the Travel Properly soundtrack album due out this month.

SOME STUFFS: Elaquent streams “Green Apples And Oranges” album

 photo ElaquentGAAO_cover_zps5ee7885e.jpg
Green Apples And Oranges (URBNET) is an 8-track EP by Canadian rapper Elaquent that is a follow-up to his 2012 EP Parallel. If you heard about this guy and wondering where he has been, let’s just say the obligatory “in the lab”, or at least living life in the hopes of coming up with new songs, and he has. The EP was released yesterday and it will be available on vinyl, just click the Bandcamp player below for details.

AUDIO: Elaquent’s “Parallel” (full EP stream)

Elaquent his name, and eloquent is how he handles his music. Elaquent has released an EP today called Parallel (URBNET), and like most quality producers and artists, there’s more than what you see, hear, and read on the surface. The press release that came with this EP has Elaquent describing the meaning of the title, and while there may be more exploration into its true meaning, he wanted to give a simple-as-possible answer:

Parallel lines refer to two lines that never intersect or touch…which is how i feel about this music shit lately. I’m certainly not the only musician doing the kind of music that I do, but I find a lot of pressure in all sorts of places to follow the same type of formula as other artists, many of which I’m fans of. However, I would rather stay in my own lane…i believe that the destination is ultimately the same. Kind of one of those ideas that is applicable in all facades of life, ultimately, the purpose is to what makes sense and suits you, rather than altering yourself to fit in with everybody else, at the end of the day, we are all striving and moving in the same direction.

He has utilized samples as part of his production style but for Parallel he is getting into more playing and instrumentation, which may be about creative exploration, a bit of industry necessity, or both. Can you get a sense of that the music will be like, simply by taking a glance at the cover? Try it.

The better thing to do would be to actually take a listen, right? Now you can. All tracks were produced by Elaquent with the exception of “In This Style 10/6”, which was co-produced with and features Evil Needle. Listen now? Any time you want, it will be here.

REVIEW: “FiveSeven6roup Presents Mute Dialogue”

Photobucket Brown Bags All-Stars member J57 is ready to excite fans and naysayers with a new compilation album called Mute Dialogue, where he shines the spotlight on a wide range of producers throughout North America

The album features 16 examples of tracks, beat excerpts, and concepts, a few sounding like rough drafts of what could be built into incredible songs. In many ways it’s nothing more than an example of a “beat tape”, but through it you’ll hear some of their techniques, whether it’s turning an old 3/4 soul track into a bumpin’ 4/4 banger, or using 8-bit video game technology to create a funky chiptune. I like the textures, and how they will get very clean and digital in one song, and then completely get drenched in surface noise. You can use this to make your own songs, practice your lyrical skills, use them during live shows, but the hope is that you’ll hear these songs and go “damn, I have to work with these guys.”

These guys include people like Daniel Oshima, Jinesis, DJ Dyllemma, The Tranzformer, B.Lewis, Elaquent, and the funky ass Audible Doctor, along with a few tracks from J57 himself. Originally I had thought J57 was pulling a Madlib and using different pseudonyms, but feedback for this album shows that there are fans of these producers, all of whom are represented in various spots online. If you are a fan of J57, take a listen to the music that he is a fan of, and put all of them to work.

(You can download Mute Dialogue for free by clicking here.)