AUDIO: Fleurie’s “Sirens”

Fleurie photo Fleurie_old_zpsvhg2uizl.jpg
The song will not be officially released until January but Nashville’s Fleurie would like for you to have a listen to “Sirens” now. It’s wonderful pop with a tinge of electro to keep you moving, going, and guessing. She released an EP a few months ago called Arrows so if you like “Sirens” and want to get to know her music a bit better, the EP is available through by clicking the cover below.

AUDIO: Newtimers’ “Perfect Ten”

Newtimers photo Newtimers_old_zps8z9s77ez.jpg
Sweden will have another group to show fondness for and their name is Newtimers. They may one day become old timers but they don’t want to rush things. They will be reelasing an EP on Cosmos Music and from it is a song that opens them up to the rest of their homeland and the world. It’s called “Perfect Ten”, a song that may be a guide for what they may be looking for in someone or maybe they’ve already had you in their scope.

VIDEO: The Fantastic Plastics’ “NoNoGoGo”

The Fantastic Plastics photo FantasticPlastics_old_zpskolgsoet.jpg
“Electro grunge”? What the hell is that? Apparently it applies to The Fantastic Plastics, a duo from Brooklyn whose music just sounds like rough electro pop but if it sounds gritty, I guess anyone can claim it’s grungy. Well, regardless if what you actually call it, they have a new song called “NoNoGoGo” and they serve it up strong. BTW: The Fantastic Plastics are in no way related to the Japanese artist known as Fantastic Plastic Machine.

SOME STUFFS: Basic Shapes release single, expect album in new year

 photo BasicShapes_old_zps7aecfbee.jpg
As Brooklyn becomes more gentrified by the day, the bands that live and work there are showing how they are staying wrong while dealing with the changes. Basic Shapes are an electro-pop trio who reside in the BK and they’ve recorded enough material to come out with an album, but not just yet. They’ll do that in 2015 but for the time being they’ve released the song “Weird Kids”, which shows they’re anything but, but trippy and cool? Very much so.

AUDIO: Eternal Death’s “Bullet”

Part of this sounds like early 80’s pop and new wave, while some of it sounds like what Lady Gaga is doing, which may also be a reflection of some of the music she was raised on/with. They call themselves eternal Death and despite its metalesque name, it’s quite the opposite. Swedes do more than just crunch their guitars, although you will know that by now. See where the “Bullet” will take you.

AUDIO: Velour Modular’s “Esc”

Electro pop: you can argue that there’s too much of it out now, and most of what becomes hits aren’t hit-worthy. This one is different. Velour Modular sounds seductive and alluring, perhaps because of its vibe and BPM, or maybe the mood is right from beginning to end. Velour Modular is a new musical project between French vocals Guilhem and London-based producer Hektagon, and their forthcoming EP called Capsule (to be released on the 28th of April) is definitely an apt title, capturing a time and place that will also assist in capturing memories of other times and places by each listener.

SOME STUFFS: Jagwar Ma add more dates to spring tour

Jagwar Ma announced some concert dates last month that included a stop at this year’s SXSW, but now the actual venues have been confirmed. They’re turning it into a spring adventure, head out and support the Ma movement if you can, which will also include a stop at Coachella:

March 13… Austin, TX (Red Bull @ The Belmont)
March 16… Dallas, TX (Dan’s Silverleaf)
March 18… Houston, TX (Fitzgerald’s)
April 1… Cambridge, MA (The Sinclair)
April 4… Pittsburgh, PA (Stage AE) Ω
April … Columbus, OH (Lifestyle Communities Pavilion)
April 6… Denver, CO (Snowball Festival)
April 9… Las Vegas, NV (Beauty Bar)
April 11… Indio, CA (Coachella)
April 14… San Francisco, CA (The Fillmore)
April 16… Santa Barbara, CA (SoHo Music Club)
April 18… Indio, CA (Coachella)

Ω = w/ Phantogram

SOME STUFFS: Debut album from Rush Mountain is preceded by video

 photo RushMidnight_old_zps5491e43c.jpg
Last Gang Records is the label that will be releasing the self-titled debut from Rush Mountain, May 27th is the scheduled release date for it. To get people warmed up to his offerings, a video has been made for the song “In Your Room”, which you may listen to in your room, car, or place of work if it’s allowed. If you wish, feel free to create or participate in your own fantasies with this, it has that kind of potential.

FREE MP3 DL: Daft Punk’s “Lose Yourself To Dance (DeltaFoxx Remix)”

 photo DaftPunkDeltaFoxx_cover_zps4f3f4a8c.jpg
Daft Punk have made more people aware of their throb and pulsating dance music, and with new Grammy wins, it is happening again like an episode of Twin Peaks. “Lose Yourself To Dance” is something they want you to do, and with help from a brand new remix by DeltaFoxx, you will be able to get on the basketball court and gyrate on it in a Prince or Billy Idol fashion. Lose yourself much more than Eminem could ever dream of doing.

SOME STUFFS: With certainty, Jagwar Ma offer new video and tour dates

Two things to talk about concerning Jagwar Ma. First, a new music video for “Uncertainty” from their Mom+Pop album Howlin’. The video is of course a promotional tool for the band and the album, but one of the greatest promotional tools is of course the live performance, which they’ll be doing a bit of as they have SXSW and Coachella plans. This is where they’ll be popping up before the beginning of summer.

March 12-16… Austin, TX (SXSW)
April 11… Indio, CA (Coachella)
April 14… San Francisco, CA (The Fillmore) *
April 18… Indio, CA (Coachella)
May 29… Primavera, Spain (Primavera Sound)

* w/MS MR