LYRIC VIDEO: Surgical Meth Machine’s “Rich People Problems”

Al Jourgensen is back not with new music from Minister or Revolting Cocks but with Surgical Meth Machine, whose album is out now on Nuclear Blast. This isn’t an actual music video but just a lyric video but if you know Jourgensen, you’ll know this isn’t just wallpaper so you must watch and see things.

REVIEW: Thee Koukouvaya’s “This Is The Mythology Of Modern Death”

Thee Koukovvaya photo TheeK_coverSML_zpss9zxqy6i.jpg John O’Hara and Brian Wenckebach are the two men behing Thee Koukouvaya and what they create, at least with This Is The Mythology Of Modern Death (Saint Marie) is a collection of music that brings you deep into your own feelings and solitude, to make you feel what you need to feel but it will immerse you deeper, if that makes any sense. What I’m trying to say is with their electronic sensibilities, they are able to create something that can fit in any mood at any time, anywhere. You could easily imagine hearing this in television shows, movies, or video games and in fact, I think they would do very well in those fields and become a success. What exactly is this mythology they mention in the album’s title, what is the difference between modern death and the death of ancient times, or is it a way to make you think of the possibilities, then think of the possibilities of what this music could do within any context? Maybe it’s like the film The Myth Of Fingerprints, you’re trying to figure out if we’re really more common than we think we are, and what can be done to let everyone know we are all one? Maybe the music is a celebration of oneness via the beauty of differences. Whatever it is, it’s a nice album for those who enjoy electronic music power and the paths it creates along the way.

(This Is The Mythology Of Modern Death will be released on October 9th and can be pre-ordered from

REVIEW: Michael Williams Gilbert’s “Secret Stories”

Michael William Gilbert photo MWGilbert_cover_zpsbcilyfob.jpg Artist Michael Williams Gilbert states that “much contemporary and electronic music suffers from a coldness or soullessness” so his response is to make something that brings back life into it, or that lives will be touched by the music he creates, and he does so with a deciphering system known as Secret Stories (GIBEX). The opening track is fitting of its title, “In Transit”, for it’s sommething that sounds worthy of a travel, perhaps intentionally funky in its own way like a Kraftwerk song, where one thinks “is this meant to be funky or is it just part of the pulse that ia meant to drive me to my destination?” “Dream Within A Dream” sounds like different elements or portions of other songs where you’re unsure where one thing begins or if we are interrupting something in progress, but it’s a bit on the instrumental side of Pink Floyd of the A Momentary Lapse Of Reason era. The classical touches are nice too and I also enjoy the counter-melodies when they are detected.

Gilbert is able to take his music to unique places and I wonder if the entire album is meant to have a running theme or a concept, as some of it reminds me of the works of Mike Oldfield. Perhaps he is inspired by those who were also inspired to take their music one step forward or higher, or to take what existed before and either continue it or start all over again with a new path. The material on Secret Stories would also be perfect for television shows or movies, as I could see this being used for tranquil scenes or thought provoking sequences and yet the album is something that is worth an intense listen or even a bit of meditation. Although I would find the intensity of portions of the album to be a bit more intense that could interrupt a meditative state, yet some of the songs are perfect for calm moods.


SOME STUFFS: Ruckazoid releases new EP on DJ Shadow’s Liquid Amber label

Released today is Scratchgod I, a new EP by Ruckazoid who has been described as a “vocalist, innovator, turntablist, producer, and inventor” but if you know who he is and what he has done over the years, I don’t need to explain. It’s the latest release on DJ Shadow’s label Liquid Amber and is available on vinyl and can be downloaded for free above. The record will be in your hands on or around March 20th, so only a week’s time.

AUDIO: Nick Klein’s “Mobility Effort”

 photo NickKlein_pic_zpsrjl33mpk.jpg
Nick Klein says he is a failed devotee, enough to title his forthcoming EP with those exact words. Failed Devotee (Unknown Precept) will be released on an odd day for an album release: Wednesday the 4th of March. Not so much the numeral or month but a Wednesday. He wants to do that and he will with a set of music that sounds like something direct fro a solidly made soundtrack, with a few more quirks thrown in for good measure. Listen to “Mobility Effort” for a good time, it don’t get better than this.

AUDIO: Chromadrift’s “Night Terrors”

Drew Miller surfaces once more as Chromadrift for another tranquil song into the mental and social unknown, but by the end, it will become familiar/known. You must make it through the “Night Terrors” and endure, which you will. His music should be used for films and turned into thorough soundtracks.

RECORD CRACK: Audio Fidelity to release 1982 Tron soundtrack as 2 record set

 photo TronLP_cover_zpsc2c55290.jpg
Mark your calendars, Disney fans and soundtrack fanatics: it has been rumored for awhile but Audio Fidelity will be releasing a 2LP edition of the 1982 soundtrack album Tron on June 17, 2014, remastered by Kevin Gray. Tron was once a movie that seemed too futuristic to comprehend but now that we’re very much within the film’s future, it’s time to re-evaulate and see where we are today, and of course see how the music still fares 32 years later.

The soundtrack was put together by composer Wendy Carlos, and this will be a chance for everyone to hear it as it was originally meant to be heard, mastered from the original tapes, the first time this has happened since the original’s release. The double LP will be on 180g translucent blue vinyl, packaged in a gatefold jacket and featuring liner notes from Analog Planet’s Michael Framer and Carlos herself, and also feature photos from the shooting of the film. The album also features two Journey songs that were made exclusively for Tron, the instrumental “1990’s Theme” and the vocalized “Only Solutions”. Journey themselves were also the subject of two video games back then, so one can say they were very much putting themselves in the mind state of the future of technology, circa 1982.

You can pre-order Audio Fidelity’s 2LP remaster of the Tron soundtrack directly from below.

SOME STUFFS: Electronic experimental twists and more on a new 3 inch CD compilation

 photo 4Things_cover_zps5db888b3.jpg
A new release on Bicephalic has been released, and this one is a compilation that can be purchased as a CD3. For those who don’t know, a CD3 is a 3 inch CD, the format that used to require an adapter to play in CD players until manufacturers made it possible to play the disc automatically.

 photo 4ThingsCD3_cover_zpse2f40a86.jpg
4 Things features four artists contributing some nice experimental and electronic sounds, from the likes of Loopool, Justin Scott Gray, Somnaphon, and Pregnant Spore. Only 18 copies have been made, and you can purchase it directly from Bicephalic by clicking here. To give it a test listen or to purchase it digitally, click the Bandcamp player below.

REVIEW: Manse’s “Lying In Wait”

 photo Manse_cover_zps3fd5c010.jpg A bit of trippy and complex electronica here from Manse, whose album Lying In Wait (Opal Tapes) goes from techno to bass, hard hitting pounders to emulsified warps that you just want to get lost in and never escape. Some of the songs remain one way for durations, then they’ll break into segments that are a bit abstract at times, all before falling into place again. One could say that the abstract portions could lead into its own compositions but what ties them together is the looseness of each song, as if it’s ready to open up but retains its shape from start to finish as you watch its heart pulse. I like the approach here, and I’m ready to hear much more.

REVIEW: Vatican Shadow’s “Remember Your Black Day”

 photo VaticanShadow_cover_zpsdab69340.jpg Dominick Fernow travels to and into a lot of territories through his music and he has returned with another release as Vatican Shadow. For Remember Your Black Day (Hospital Productions) he creates the kind of electronic music that one could compare to incidental music by the likes of Vangelis and Giorgio Moroder. Because of this, one may think in cinematic terms when it comes to these songs, or in that you’ll listen to the depth of these tracks and hear them become a part of movie scenes. To add to this, Fernow gives them song titles that may or may not apply to the influences that went into creating these tracks, it could easily be for shock value. When one makes songs called “Not The Son Of Desert Storm, But The Child Of Chechnya”, “Contractor Corpses Hung Over The Euphrates River”, or “Jet Fumes Above The Reflecting Pool”, you can choose to question it, laugh at the dark and perhaps sick humor of it all, or just listen and interpret as you wish. Or not interpret. A number of songs are saturated with deep beats and rhythms, which leaves them open up for possible remixes if Fernow was open to that and it would be interested to see where others would take it, but I’m comfortable with the places visited by the Vatican Shadow moniker. I like being able to move closer to or staying as far away from it as I can.