VIDEO: Cuddle Magic’s “Spinning

Ashes/Axis (Northern Spy) is the latest effort from Cuddle Magic and you may find this new one from them quite magical. It’s for the song “Spinning”, where the music has a pop touch and an electronic soundscape as the visuals take the music outside and into the real world. The album can be ordered below through

AUDIO: Soccer96’s “Megadrive Lamborghini”

Soccer96 photo Soccer96_old_zpso3lwohus.jpg
Electronic bleep and bloop pop: to say that may make it out as if this music is careless but how would you know if you didn’t take a listen? This isn’t just mere bleep and bloop pop but they are Soccer96 and they have made a tight song that is sure to move a lot of people, especially those who need to be moved in these troubled times. Get down to the “Megadrive Lamborghini” and drive through as if you were a Rad Racer player but wanting an update in life. Soccer96 consists of Dan Leavers, who wants to be known as Danalogue and Max Hallett, who wants to let you know he is Betamax.

FREE MP3 DL: Yours’ “Forever, Never”

Photo by Russie Sanders
Yours photo Yours_old_zpstu5wq5lw.jpg
It’s mine, it’s mine, it’s mine, it’s mine but whose world is this? In this case, it’s owned by a duo simply known as Yours and Kazmo Vilmar and Milton Nieves want to present to you something new. It’s called “Forever, Never” which may sound like an oxymoron but there’s a reason why the song has the title. The music is a nice burst of pop with a nice soulful and electronic vibe that could make it become anything and everything that you want but Yours want to make it specifically for your ears only in their way. Find out how San Francisco’s Yours are making their music yours.

FREE MP3 DL: Grandtheft featuring Lia Ices & Brasstracks’ “All The Way Up (Damaged Goods Remix)”

Mad Decent keep on kicking it and this time they’re doing it with Grandtheft, or in this case, Damaged Goods takes the Grandtheft song, immerses it with a blast of that Miami bass mentality and puts “All The Way Up” even more up than it already was. The song also welcomes Lia Ices and Brasstracks so get some lubricants, massage each others company and make the song vibe deeper. Free downloiad too, while supplies last.

FREE MP3 DL: nine inch nails’ “The Great Below (Panic Bomber Edit)”

If you’re a deep fan of nine inch nails’ The Fragile album, you may be completely into the track “The Great Below”, but are you open to hearing a new interpretation of it? This is a new remix/edit done by Panic Bomber so check this out by streaming and if it’s too good, download it for free.

VIDEO: Mothertapes’ “Gravity Wins”

There has been an incredible amount of new music coming out of Portland, Oregon as of late, and not simply because I’m paying attention. Every week, I get wind of something new, be it rock, hip-hop, electronic, dance or whatever and here’s another group you should be checking out. Mothertapes merge in an electronic pulse with a sense of pop that is irresistible and they’re out with a self-titled album released last October. They’ve made a video for one of its songs called “Gravity Wins” and they’d like for you to have a look, bringing in a bit of “found images” to make their music work.

Those in or near Portland will be able to see them live twice within the next few weeks, stop by, get down a bit and say hello if they’re open to it:

March 22… Portland, OR (Holocene)
April 23… Portland, OR (Secret Society Ballroom)

Mothertapes (the album) was released by Self Group.

AUDIO: Night Games’ “Faithless”

Night Games photo NightGames_old_zpsiwshwpad.jpg
These two from London do not have last names, they are merely known as Constance and Paul. Or at least I haven’t discovered their last names yet but together they are called Night Games and their brand of electronic pop is what they are hoping people will become addicted to. They hope their new single will be the reason for people’s musical addictions so havea listen to “Faithless” and becoming faithful to their contributions to music.

AUDIO: j.viewz featuring Milosh’s “Don’t Pull Away”

j.viewz photo jviewz_old_zps6evskf7o.jpg
j.viewz was born Jonathan Dagan, and remains that way without his musical costumes but j.viewz is a perspective of what he loves doing, which also involves producing, writing, and making videos. He did a song with Milosh called “Don’t Pull Away” that may surprise a few people at how developed his work sounds. He combines a lot of different textures, well executed and orchestrated to the point where if he wasn’t his own artist, he could becoming one of this generation’s top producer. Why not multitask, right?